Fishing Charters in Westport Washington

Sounds Fishy To Me

Well, now. Don’t be worried. We certainly are talking about fishy business here, but that’s exactly the way it should be — when you’re talking Fishing Charters in Westport, Washington, that is. Have no fear. By the time you are through reading this article, you’ll be signing up for fishing trips and whale watching excursions along the glorious Washington State Coastline in a moment.

Speaking of moments, have you ever been up earlier than the sun? Have you watched dawn break over the Olympics and Mt. Rainier? Well, here’s your opportunity if you have yet to experience such delight. Among the various charters to choose from are Westport Charters, Deep Sea Charters, Inc. and Advantage Charters. Why so many? Because Westport offers one of the largest fleets on the West Coast; in fact, it was the fishing that put Westport on the map! The season runs from March through October, but from March through May, you can experience a special treat: whale watching!

Hop on one of these delightful boats and fish for Halibut, Salmon and a bonus as well. Albacore Tuna! Bottom Fishing Trips are especially exciting for children who always find special delight in using live anchovies for bait.

But for the serious fishermen, here a a few fun facts. Since the drive out to sea takes from one and a half to two and a half hours, one can be mesmerized with observing the marine life even before catching the best tasting fish in the Pacific. For Halibut, boats sometimes have to travel 50 miles, thus prompting departure well before daylight. Be ready for a workout just in case you miss the gym. Halibut weighs between 10-100 pounds, so besides requiring a tremendous amount of cooperation and organization, you must be ready for some physical challenges as well. Not for the faint of heart, be sure to bring medication for motion sickness as the seas may sometimes get rough.

Salmon, of course, is most lucrative in July. Because of the massive amount found in Westport, the nickname “Salmon Capitol of the World” is rightfully earned.

After Salmon come Albacore Tuna season, found most abundantly 50-100 miles off the coast of Washington during the months of August and September. As with Halibut, fishing Albacore Tuna also requires a great deal of stamina.

One adventure you won’t want to miss is found on the “Tequila Too.” This is a 55′ Coast Guard inspected Modern Twin Diesel Charter vessel that seats 24 passengers comfortably for fishing trips and 42 passengers for whale watching or other excursions.

The fishy business I speak of is actually quite amazing and memorable. If it sounds fishy to you, take my advice. . . Go fishing…and soon!

Ten Family Activities in Grand Junction Colorado

Fun for the Whole Family in Grand Junction Colorado
Are you thinking of planning a family trip to beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado any time soon? There are so many amazing things to see and do while you are there. Here are just a few.
Take an Air Tour
What better way to see the spectacular Colorado scenery than from the air. Soar high above the snow caped mountain peaks in a helicopter. The views are truly breath taking.
Rock Climbing Anyone?
What better place for climbing, repelling or canyoning? You can take classes geared towards self rescue if you like or just enjoy a guided hike of the red rock canyon country of Grand Junction Colorado.
Rafting Trips
There are one to seven day rafting trips available for the whole family. Experience river rafting through Dinosaur National Monument, Canyonlands National Park or the Colorado Plateau, just to name a few.
Horseback Rides
Take a ride through the spectacular scenery on the back of a horse. Take a guided tour, see wild mustangs in the Wild Horse Sanctuary, and even enjoy a rodeo.
Kart Racing
Is Kart Racing more your speed? Check out Grand Junction Motor Speedway, the largest public track between Denver and Salt Lake City. They provide kart rental, driving classes and even regularly scheduled race events.
Mountain Biking
The Grand Valley has some of the best mountain biking in the world. Three Sisters Park offers trails for all levels of riders from the novas to the expert.
There are 300 lakes and reservoirs in the Grand Mesa National Forest. There is no fees on most shorelines however you do need a current fishing license.
Find out what it was like to be a pioneer at the Museum of the West. Get a close look at a stagecoach or do a dino dig at Dinosaur Journey.
Golf anyone?
Say fore with the whole family at one of the five public golf courses. Golf with a view of the red rock backdrop of the Colorado National Monument.
Gold Panning
Have you ever wanted to try your hand at some prospecting? What a great way to teach the kids about geology, nature and maybe find a little treasure.
These are just a few activities you can find in Grand Junction. You may also choose shopping downtown, get a fix for your sweet tooth at a local candy shop, sip wine at one of the local wineries and so much more. There is something for everyone in Western Colorado.

Where to Seek Marriage Counseling Grand Junction CO

One of the best advices ever given by a marriage counselor was this: “A marital problem is like an itch. You don’t cut off your arm when it itches. You find some medicine to treat the itch that way you can save the whole arm.”

Nobody said that marriage was a bed of roses. The real marriage starts after the fairy tale wedding is over and usually what comes next does not exactly end in “happily ever after”. All marriages go thru a lot of trials and sometimes professional help is needed to help the couple overcome all these obstacles.

Marriage counselors are highly trained professionals who specialize in fixing marital disorders. It is not a guarantee that after seeing a counselor that a marriage will be saved but seeing one will help resolve all the issues between a couple that they cannot workout on their own. A marriage counselor provides the neutral ground wherein couples are free to release their pent up emotions under the supervision of a professional. More often than not, a marriage counselor bridges the widening gap between couples by helping them communicate effectively with one another and by teaching some techniques on how to improve their relationship. To put it figuratively, a marriage counselor acts like a “referee” between two individuals at war.

There are many locations for marriage counseling Grand Junction CO. These counselors are either registered psychologists, a religious figure like a pastor, professional marriage therapist or licensed marriage counselors. They deal with all the issues related to marriage like relationships between couples, child rearing issues, sexual addictions, aging parents, eating disorders, affairs and infidelity, professional burnout and in health & wellness.

Marriage counseling is essential when you aim to save your marriage and restore the good relationships within your family. Seeking the professional help of these trained counselors brings healing and relief into your life.

Here are some locations you can go to for marriage counseling Grand Junction CO.

  • Behavioral Health and Wellness
    Address: 3150 North 12th, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970)242-5707
  • CEC Counseling Education Center
    Address: 2708 Patterson Road, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 243-9539
  • Associates in Behavioral LLC
    Address: 518 28 Rd@A207, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 245-3212
  • The Way Through Counseling Services
    Address: 2430 Orchard Avenue, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 243-9655
  • Clark Elizabeth LPC
    Address: 640 Grand Avenue, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 241-1780

Grand Junction Colorado Hotels

Years have passed by and it seems that people are getting to more places these days. With more flights to various cities and countries all over the world, there are more tourists that you see. Grand Junction Colorado receives a lot of tourists now to see the lovely outdoors. It is indeed a very interesting placed to go to when you want to relax and unwind from your busy life. There are a lot of tourist attractions and most importantly, Grand Junction Colorado hotels here. For those who plan to see the beauty of this place, here are some hotel options which you should consider. It is very important to take note of your choice of Grand Junction CO hotels because if you stay in a quality hotel, you will surely enjoy the rest of your trip.

  • Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Grand Junction
    • 73 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction CO
    • Tel no: 970- 421-888
      • The Double Tree Hotel is one of the many luxurious hotels by the Hilton. Each and every single area of this hotel spells nothing but elegance. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind hotel stay, this is where you should check-in. They are located within a mile from the Walker Field Airport along with other Grand Junction Colorado hotels which is very accessible to tourists. Each room is equipped with a flat screen TV, safety deposit box and iPod docking station. With amenities such as a gym, tennis court and playground, you will surely enjoy your stay here.

  • Hampton Inn Grand Junction
    • 205 Main Street, Grand Junction Colorado
    • Tel No: 970-243-3222
      • The Hampton Inn Grand Junction lets you enjoy the natural beauty of the area in a very comfortable living space. They do not only let you enjoy the clean rooms and full range of amenities and services of the Grand Junction CO hotels but also the wonderful rock formations, rivers and museums that are found outdoors. Located a few miles from the airport, you can access a lot of tourist attractions within the place. Even as you return here to rest, you will still feel very relaxed. For those having a trip for business or leisure, this is surely one of the Grand Junction Colorado hotels that must be at the top of your list.

  • Melrose Historic Hotel
    • 337 Colorado Avenue Grand Junction Colorado
    • Tel No: 970-242-9636
      • Those who want to have a unique Grand Junction CO hotels experience, the Melrose Historic Hotel is the perfect choice. It has been in that place for 102 years which makes it as one of the historic landmarks of Grand Junction. What makes this a good choice of hotel is the friendly and homey atmosphere of the place. Guests get to socialize in the common kitchen and dining room. Sleep in their cozy bend that will make you feel that you never left home. When you want to add a twist to your next stay in Gran Junction, Melrose Historic Hotel is a good choice.

Where Can You Find the Best Rentals Grand Junction CO?

Usually when you are searching for Grand Junction CO rentals, you will search through the yellow pages and skim through all the advertisements for the best locations that you can find. Nowadays, you can simply just go on the internet and search for websites that offer rentals Grand Junction CO. You can even view the pictures of the property and read through the detailed description on the site. Optimizing your search by narrowing it down to the particular location you want to settle in makes your search faster and more accurate. However, you will still need to call the property owner to check if the property is still available for lease, negotiate for the terms of payment and ask for an ocular inspection of the property before finalizing the deal. Going through this process can be quite tiresome and frustrating, specially if you haven’t found the property that fits your needs and your budget.

One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to get in touch with a property manager or locate companies that specialize in rentals Grand Junction CO. These property specialists can provide you with the information and the resources on the particular property you are looking for.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a residential home, a commercial space or building or you are looking for a vacation residence, these property specialists have access to property listings that may have the available property that you need. They usually take over the job of locating the property, negotiating with the landlords on your behalf and working on all the necessary paper work to expedite your moving in.

Renting has become more popular than buying property because you are spared the headache of managing the maintenance costs of the asset, not being obligated to pay property taxes and committing yourself only to the temporary use of the property for only the duration of its lease. By engaging the services of a property manager, you will better understand the terms of your lease and realize all the benefits from renting the space.

Below is a list of companies that offer Grand Junction CO rentals that you might be interested in:

2956 I-70 Business Loop, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 241-4368

1800 Main St # D, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 245-3815

606 25 1/2 Road, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 245-7627

1011 North 10th Street, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 245-0388

551 Grand Ave. Suite S
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970.245.1178
Fax: 970.245.5673

The Best Spots in Grand Junction That You Should Visit

Grand Junction is a treasure trove of places to see and visit. Aside from having a tour of its amazing rock formations which the area is widely known for, there are a lot of things to do in Grand Junction that will fill up your day.

Why not take a tour of the Cross Orchards? It is one of the best spots in Grand Junction which is located at 3073 F Road, Grand Junction CO 81504. It is a 24-acre site which was once part of the fruit ranch measuring 243 acres and was operated by the Red Cross Land and Fruit Company as an agricultural showcase. It was one of the largest local orchards and it was filled with acres of apple, pear and peach trees. Today it listed in as a historic place in the National Register. This became the venue for a lot of events all through the year which includes the famous Wild West Days that features reenactment of old-time music, train robberies, authentic native American costumes and arts.

How about Downtown Grand Junction? There are a lot of things to do in Grand Junction Downtown. The Grand Junction City established the DDA in 1977 after it was approved by select downtown property businesses and owners through an election. The downtown area was created to provide a place where economic development can be facilitated and to enhance the vitality of the community through its capital investments and construction. Here you will see a lot of business establishments, restaurants, high end boutiques, outdoor fountains, al fresco dining, art galleries and many more. All this while surrounded with the charming rustic flavor with its tree lined streets and a friendly community.

One of the best spots in Grand Junction to go ice skating is the Glacier Ice Arena. This state-of-the-art multi service ice skating facility is built with NHL regulated sheet size ice, a snack bar, locker rooms, party room and arcade. You can go ice skating, figure skating, play hockey, broomball and other ice skating sports. You can also watch the games of your favorite hockey teams in this arena. Skates from all ages and skill levels have circled the rink while other skaters have taken a step higher. You can enroll for private skating lessons the arena offers, join the summer camps or the figure skating clubs, the hockey leagues or try your luck and enter an ice skating competition. The Glacier is the coolest place in town where birthday parties, team building activities and private events take place.

Buy The Real Deal From Grand Junction Dealerships

Some people are very particular when it comes to cars. They tend to be loyal to certain car brands for some particular reason. It may be the make or model of the car of their dreams or they are very much satisfied with its performance.

Cars are an investment that is why people take their time in choosing the car that they will buy. To ensure that you will get the best deal for your money, only buy from Grand Junction dealerships that specialize in the particular brand that you want to buy.

You can be assured that you will get the real deal from these dealers because they provide an extensive inventory of the particular brand you prefer. They can also provide the parts of the vehicle and the maintenance services that you might require. You can ask for a financing scheme that will fit your budget.

Here is a short list of Grand Junction dealerships specializing in certain brands of cars:

Grand Junction Chrysler Jeep Dodge

2578 Hwy 6 & 50, Grand Junction CO 81505
Call (877)470-2542

This Grand Junction car dealer specializes in the sale of new and pre-owned Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. They have a vast vehicle inventory that you can choose from when you visit their website. If you can’t find the car that you want you can try their CarFinder link on the site. Just fill out the form with the specific vehicle you are looking for and they will find it for you. The dealer also supplies genuine auto parts and provides financing options to their customers.

Grand West Kia

Call Sales (888)424-0038
Call Service (866)637-3970

Kia is a brand of vehicle known for its lightweight but durable cars. It is fuel efficient and low on the upkeep, quite a popular vehicle for those on a budget. Grand West Kia Grand Junction dealerships specializes only in the sale of this car – both brand new and pre-owned. They also sell its parts and provide for its repairs and service.

This full service dealer has a sales department headed by Steve Harbour, the Principal Dealer and Aaron Ziek, the general Sales Manager. They are the people to see when you want to test drive a new Kia. They offer financing options and special deals on the vehicles.

Grand Junction Subaru

2496 Highway 6 & 50, Grand Junction, CO 81505
Sales (888)480-2307
Parts and Service (970)241-2414

This dealer is the premier retail seller of pre-owned and used Subaru vehicles. Their trained technicians and helpful sales staff will make it fun and easy for you to choose the Subaru vehicle that you want – whether its a car, SUV or a truck.
This Subaru dealer also provides a full range of services from expert car repairs, OEM auto accessories and parts and financing assistance.

Why Choose A Pawn Shop Grand Junction?

Sometimes, people experience a bump in their lives particularly in their financial life. People may face problematic issues involving money; this may be because of unexpected hospitalization, death of relatives, immediate need of money use and so on. If you are unprepared for these kinds of circumstances, it would be great if you have money to spare in times of crisis. Unfortunately, not all people have the money to spare and they resort to borrowing.

Borrowing shouldn’t be a problem if you can commit to the agreed contract and payment terms; however, if you cannot meet the contract terms, you may have to face the law. For short-term cash loan, it is advisable to deal with pawn brokers or pawn shops. This type of borrowing is a secured loan in which the borrower provides a personal item as collateral to the pawn broker. The pawn broker or pawnshop will then assess the item to determine the price. After that, the borrower and pawn broker agree to terms regarding the payment, loan period and interest rate. The typical time frame for this type of loan is from 30 to 90 days. When the borrower fails to retrieve the pawned item on the agreed period of time, the pawnshop has the right to sell it to others to regain the amount borrowed. One good thing about having a business with pawnshops is that they will not put this kind of transaction on to your credit report unlike with banks or lending companies.

In Grand Junction, one of the most trusted pawn shops is A Pawn Shop. The A Pawn Shop Grand Junction offers high appraisal yielding higher amount of loan with a very low interest rate. Many people who are in need of immediate cash turn to A Pawn Shop for help. Almost every kind of personal item are accepted here such as jewelry, electronic gadgets, cars, motors and even guns or firearms. The items pawned including those not retrieved are stored safely in their warehouse.

People searching for lower price items or those that are for auction can visit the A Pawn Shop Grand Junction warehouse in 353 Pitkin Ave., Grand Junction and you can reach them at 970-241-2194. Buyers locally love to check A Pawn Shop’s items for sale because the management literally offers them at a very low price, lower than the appraised value. So when you need a little financial help, turn to A Pawn Shop Grand Junction.

Where to Go For Grand Junction Tours

Going on Grand Junction tours can make your vacation more exciting and educational. By going with guided tours in Grand Junction you get to see the best attractions and scenery this area has to offer. There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Grand Junction that if you are not a local resident, or you don’t know anyone who can take you around, you are sure to miss out on all the fun.

Taking tours in Grand Junction gives you an idea of what the community is all about, how they live their life, their culture and their history. You are given the brief opportunity to immerse in all of these and go back home with a feeling of exhilaration.

If you are from out of town, the Grand Junction tours are a welcome respite away from the familiar. You will see the best botannical gardens only in Grand Junction. You may chance upon a wedding ceremony being performed there for it is one of the favorite venues for such because of the romantic scenery created by the gardens.

To have a wine tasting experience, visit one of the town’s local wineries. They will give you a tour of the vineyards plus a sip of the latest and tastiest vintage wines.

For you to have the best and most out of your vacation time, you must seek help and get the tour services available in Grand Junction. There are companies that offer guided tours of the county’s scenic spots and historical places while providing the means and resources to get to these locations. You can book for a guided tour with a group or a special tour all on your own. You won’t have to waste time going around in circles looking for all these wonderful places to see. Getting tour guides and their services helps you maximize your time and you get to see a lot of places for a very minimal fee.

The Must-See Tours in Grand Junction, call them to book an appointment!

655 Struthers Avenue, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970) 245-9030

435 Main Street, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970) 241-0070

359 Colorado Avenue #201, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970) 243-9490

2087 Broadway, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970)255-1471

607 28 ¼ Rd #127, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970)434-6494

Finding the Grand Junction Clubs That You Belong

There are a thousand and one ways to be entertained, and you will find most of it in various forms in the Grand Junction Clubs.

The clubs are establishments where Grand Junction residents and their guests get entertainment, with the offerings of good food, beverages, live music, and other amenities that will give them their fill to rest, relax and socialize. Clubs may also be organizations with members sharing a common cause, sentiment or goal.

So if you are in town to look for a club, to have fun or just to belong, here is the list of Grand Junction Clubs that you must see:


Location: 490 28 ¼ Road, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 241-5179

What’s there to see:

The Whiskey River is a huge venue where you can watch live bands perform on stage almost every night. You can hold private events in this club because the venue is so huge it can accommodate hundreds of guests. They have the famous Backlit Tuesdays and Texas Moon events. Several concerts are held here too.


Location: 538 Main Street, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 241-1717

What’s there to see:

One of Grand Junction’s largest theaters. It is not just used to watch movies, you can watch live rock concerts, midgets wrestling matches and even have a DJ lounge party here too. Every Thursday is the “U” Night DJ Dance Party. Their happy hour is from 10:30 to 12:30.


Location: 131 N 6th St. #305, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 242-3264

What it is about:

This is an club which is an organization of different counties, tribes, communities, individuals, businesses and associations found in Western Colorado. It was organized with the purpose of voicing out issues of mutual concern. Their activities include public education, marketing and advertising, political action, promotion, meetings and events.


Location: 2993 North Avenue, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 241-3222

What’s there to see:

A dance club in an old building but with a new spin. Under the new management of owner David Like, the club is the only high energy dance club in the area that plays modern dance club music. The club also features dart boards, arcade games, foosball tables and a patio for the smokes. There are VIP rooms for private parties which you can reserve for the price of the bottle service.


Location: 2102 Chipeta Avenue, Grand Junction CO
Phone: (435) 210-1356

What’s there to see:

Alicia, the owner has thought of ingenious ways to put fire back into your relationship. Her business venture is a mixture of providing adult night time entertainment while selling her lingerie and adult toys. She offers business opportunities that you can work on from home and they also organize bachelorette parties, all in one venue.