Grand Junction University

Student value the need to attend college these days knowing what a competitive world it is out there. Studying in Grand Junction Colorado gives student the best experience when it comes to their education because college is seen as a preparatory step for students so that they will be prepared for work. This step is necessary to ensure a brighter future. Each Grand Junction University will have courses that they will offer to students that they would like to study in the next years and eventually purse a career in. These universities employ faculty members are experts in their own field which ensure that students receive proper instruction from them.

College students who wish to pursue their studies in Grand Junction will find a number of universities where they can apply to. Nowadays, these universities have already adopted the advanced learning methods that are flexible for all types of students. You can expect to find a Grand Junction university that will offer full-time classes, evening classes as well as online courses to be completed. Besides these, the setting in this town is perfect for students who really want to concentrate on their studies. Indeed studying in Grand Junction Colorado is a good option to take for quality education.

  • Colorado Mesa University
    • 1100 North Avenue Grand Junction CO
    • Telephone: 970-248-1020
      • Colorado Mesa University remains as the top university in Grand Junction. They have programs for liberal arts, sciences, technology, nursing and business courses for students. Besides having a focused academic program, they also recognize the need for extracurricular activities. They have a strong athletics department offering sports for both men and women. It is indeed their aim to provide college students with full development of skills that will make them valuable when they graduate.
      • Colorado Mesa University is accredited by Higher Learning Commission.
  • Colorado Christian University
    • 2452 F Rd # 200, Grand Junction CO
    • Telephone: 970-242-1811
      • Colorado Christian University is a Christ-centered community of students. Not only do they ensure high academic standards in teaching but also instill proper values as taught by Christianity. This Grand Junction university ensures that students live a Christ-centered life and spreading the love of Christ within and outside the campus.
      • They offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degree, post baccalaureate educator licensing, associate degrees, certificate programs and minor courses in accounting, technology certificate, business management, education, social sciences and nursing.
  • Colorado State University Extension
    • 2764 Compass Dr # 232, Grand Junction CO
    • Telephone: 970-242-8683
      • This extension of Colorado State University in Fort Collins offers college level instruction in Grand Junction Colorado. Their extension programs are comprised by the college of Agricultural Sciences, Applied Human Sciences, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and Natural Resources.
      • Education is very much important for Colorado State University, ensuring that all of their students are learning properly. Their dedication to providing education shows that even their extension campus, the Grand Junction university provides a wide scope of educational courses for their students.

Grand Junction Community College

Community colleges are deemed essential in the academic life of students in Grand Junction Colorado. These colleges are public institutions that provide 2 years of higher education prior to entering colleges and earning a degree. Some Grand Junction community college campuses provide options for granting certificates, associate’s degrees and diplomas for various courses.

After completion of the community college courses, the students can opt to enroll in a four-your course in universities and colleges. They will graduate with a bachelor’s degree from these schools after the course. Education is acknowledged to be the main factor for individuals to get good jobs in the future which is why some really work hard to get a diploma and graduate with a degree. A diploma or certificate is very valuable when applying for work. For those who want to have a secure future should consider enrolling in a Grand Junction community college.

  • Western Colorado Community College
    • 2508 Blichmann Avenue Grand Junction, CO
    • Tel No: 970-255-2600
      • Western Colorado Community College offers students in Grand Junction various options for higher education and technical programs. Knowing the value of education, they have set these programs to help in the academic development of the students for their careers. Faculty members are professionals and are trained to give high quality education to the students.
      • Courses vary from 9 months to 2 years . These courses include animation, nursing, technology courses, criminal justice and education courses.
      • They ensure that students are not only involved solely in academics when they study in Western Colorado Community College. There are a lot of recreation centers, and clubs which students can participate in to give them a way to relax and unwind from studying.
      • Community colleges offer scholarships to students who have difficulty with paying their tuition fees but still would want to pursue their studies.
  • IntelliTec Colleges
    • 772 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction CO
    • Tel No: 970-245-8101
      • IntelliTech Colleges is a leading Grand Junction community college. They have been building the future of student since 1965 and providing them with training for their chosen careers. All graduates of IntelliTech College are guaranteed to have received proper education to be the best among applicants.
      • Not only do they give out the best formal education setup for students but also ensure hands-on training for them. With a diverse approach to learning, competency of their graduates is enhanced.
        This community college is recognized by a accrediting bodies for their exceptional instruction. They are accredited by the Colorado Departments of higher Education, Private Occupational School boards and Accrediting Commission of Career Schools Colleges. Also, they are a member of the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities and the Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools.
      • They offer various grants and financial aids to students who want to complete their college program. Even students who have tight budgets can finish their studies with IntelliTech College financial aid programs.

Colleges in Grand Junction Colorado

Students who wish to go to college need not go far from Grand Junction Colorado. As more and more students who graduate from high school recognize the need to go to college, there is a rising rate of enrollees in the colleges here. This enables them to be ready to work once they graduate from the colleges in Grand Junction. With high competitiveness in the work place, each individual should always prove his worth to be hired in a company.

Students must always look for colleges that will be able to enhance their skills that they can use when they start working. Earning money is not easy and each and everyone should invest in education. College graduates have higher earning power than those who did not attend college. With the combination of the education and experiences that students deal with in the years they spend in colleges Grand Junction Colorado, they will be better prepared to face the real world when they start working.

Choosing colleges in Grand Junction depends on the student’s criteria. These colleges offer courses that they can take depending on their interests and chosen career path. They should have a clear idea of what they want to pursue in the future. It is best to apply in all colleges and see where the student will get accepted. The top colleges Grand Junction Colorado are as follows:

  • Colorado Mesa University
    • 1100 North Avenue Grand Junction CO
    • Tel No: (970) 248 1020
      • In 1925, this University was founded giving students in Grand Junction Colorado the education they need in college. At present, this remains as the primary college in this city offering courses in liberal arts, business, science and technology, as well as athletic training at bachelor’s, master’s, certificate and associate degrees. They are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission among the other colleges in Grand Junction.
      • The student body is comprised by more than 8,000 students mostly from the state of Colorado. Classes offered are day, night, distance and even online classes. Whether students are full-time students or working students, they still receive proper education from the 230 strong faculty members.
      • Lastly, athletics is very notable for Colorado Mesa University. They offer a lot of academic programs both for men and women. Among the other colleges Grand Junction Colorado, they are recognized for their football and baseball teams.
  • Western Colorado Community College
    • 2508 Blichmann Avenue Grand Junction CO
    • Tel No.: (970) 255 2600
      • Western Colorado Community College provides students a preparatory period prior to entering college-level education. They aim to ensure the success of students in colleges. They offer 2 year associate degrees and 9 month certificate programs. Within the time frame, the students are given programs to meet as goals.
      • Courses offered by the Western Colorado Community College include technology courses, culinary arts, nursing/nurse aides, real estate, criminal justice as well as early childhood education.
      • Faculty members hired in the community college are well-known experts in the field they are teaching. Students are guaranteed to be taught all the lessons and skills which they will need in their chosen field or career. With the formal education set-up that they have, students will be able to learn everything they need.
      • Attending Community College will help for admission in colleges in Grand Junction to prepare for the future. They also offer financial aid programs to students who need it. Education is not a problem when it comes to Western Colorado Community College.
  • IntelliTech Colleges
    • 722 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction, CO
    • Tel No.: (970) 245 8101
      • Since 1965, IntelliTech Colleges in Grand Junction Colorado has been training students in preparation for fulfilling careers. Within a short training time of 18 months at the most, they are very much focused in providing quality education to the students. Class sizes are small and they are provided with lots of hands-on experiences.
      • Students who wish to study here are offered the following programs: computer careers, technical trades careers, medical careers, dental careers, business careers and wellness careers. Each and every person’s interest will be well matched.
      • IntelliTech Colleges is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board and is a member of the Associate of Private Sector Colleges and Universities.
      • Their Career Service Department assists in providing their graduates employment. They are in touch with different businesses who are looking for quality employees. IntelliTech Colleges provides their students with a secure future.