How To Release A Fish

Fishing is a sport.  Some keep the prized possessions for dinner or to showcase as trophies of their effort.  Others prefer to release the fish.

If you plan to release your fish, here are some important things to keep in mind :

  1. If possible, try to keep the fish in the water.  Try to handle them directly in the water if possible and minimize the time they spend above water.
  2. Try not to net your fish as it can cause damage to their exterior.  If you do use a net, use a soft, knotless net or rubber mesh net.
  3. Use a hook remove (dehooker, pliers) when the hooks are deep within the fish
  4. If your fish has swallowed the bait and hook, then try to cut the line as close to the hook as possible.
  5. Prevent touching the fish’s delicate eyes and gills.

Taking these special precautions will allow your fish the best chance for survival.