How to Find a Reliable Internet Provider Grand Junction

In Grand Junction, not all areas have access to DSL Grand Junction. Digital Subscriber Line or DSL is the dedicated, always-online broadband connection installed in your home that takes advantage of the existing copper telephone lines. The digital modem the subscriber is using connects to a network backbone through the high-frequency signal. One internet provider Grand Junction makes use of the DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers) through TELCO (Telephone Company) which is installed in strategic locations. This concentrates several single DSL connections into one box.

That is why not all areas have access to a reliable DSL Grand Junction connection. Your preferred provider may have the services you are looking for but is unable to service your area. It is best to give them a call and check for DSL availability in your location before subscribing.

If you are in need of reliable internet provider Grand Junction, here are a few companies that offer this kind of service:


Office: 2754 Compass Drive – Suite #302, Grand Junction, CO 81506
Call: (970) 245-9110

Services Areas: Grand Junction, Colorado and Mesa County

Services Offered:

  • Dial-Up Services
    Grand Junction Dial-up service unlimited access starts from $18.95.
  • DSL Services
    Grand Junction DSL Services start from $13.95 for high-speed of 256k.

Other Info:

  • Not all areas of Grand Junction has a limited wireless service.
  • All Speed Internet makes use of Mountain paging and message for their telephone answering needs. If you call any time of the day or night, you are sure to talk to a real person who can assist you with your needs. The company also relies on this service for their alpha paging and texting needs.


Call: (888) 336-3318

Services Areas: Areas with Zip codes: 81501, 81502, 81503, 81504,
81505, 81506, 81507. Other local cities where DSL is available: Fruita, Delta, Gateway, Mesa, Grand Junction, Palisade

Services offered:

  • Internet surfing 125 times faster
  • Always connected
  • You can use your phone even when online
  • Your account comes with 5 email accounts
  • You get 30 hours of dial up service for backup
  • U.S. Based support that is toll free

Other Info:

  • DSLAM is just a few blocks away from the connecting modem. The DSL service could be available in your area but may be dependent on the proximity to your home. A prequalification process is conducted in our exact location to detect its availability. If the DSL service is available in your location, you may have more bandwidth options. If not, the company will offer you other dial-up or broadband options.


Call: 1-855-339-6296

Services areas: Phoenix, Denver, Minneapolis, Seattle, Tucson, Portland, Saint Paul, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Mesa, Tacoma, Aurora, Colorado Springs, Westminister, Scottsdale, Littleton, Glendale, Des Moines, Lincoln, Vancouver, Boise, Salem, Chandler, Eugene, Auburn, Olympia, Arvada, Tempe, Beaverton, Everett, Ogden, Fort Collins, Damascus, Pueblo, Sioux Falls, Kent, Cedar Rapids, Yuma, Hillsboro, Bellevue, Boulder, Las Cruces, Yakima, Renton, Federal Way, Duluth, Peoria, Billings

Services Offered:

  • Unlimited Local Calls on Phone Plans for less than $23.10
  • Access to High-Speed internet of up to 1.5 mbps for $14.95 a month for 1 year
  • Qwest unlimited long distance call per minute call plans.

Know More About Bresnan Cable Grand Junction

Bresnan Cable Grand Junction is the country’s fifth largest cable operator. It is now part of CVC or Cablevision Systems Corporation. The company has a goal of providing the nation with cutting-edge entertainment, technology and advanced services to their small and mid sized markets located in Montana, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming.

Bresnan delivers the advanced services and products that includes HDTV, high-speed internet access, digital video recorder, digital telephone and video-on-demand to over 300,000 commercial and residential customers through their updated coaxial fiber-optic network. Their commercial sales division, Bresnan Business Services, provides institutions and businesses of all sizes the customized data, video and voice solutions that they need.

The company was founded in 1984 by William J. Bresnan, a highly respected and influential executive of the cable industry. He was a pioneer of the cable industry who worked for over 40 years until his death in 2009. It is now managed by the leadership team of Cablevision. James Dolan is the current CEO and president, Tom Rutledge is the Chief Operating Officer while John Bickham is the President for Cable and Communications. Their company continues to deliver their technologically advanced services to their business and residential customers with the best value and the highest levels of customer care and support.

Bresnan Goes Optimum

Starting June 16 most of the Bresnan services like visual voice mail, outside area alerting, permanent cancel of call waiting, permanent blocking of caller ID and other familiar features are no longer accessible on the website of My Digital Phone. All these can be accessed, activated and de-activated on their customer’s touch screen phones. The customers should avail of the Optimum online services so they can experience the latest upgrade of Bresnan services.

Optimum voice enables customer’s access to the homepage of Optimum Voice which is an easy to use web-based tool that gives you the following features:

  • View your call records
  • Hear your voice messages using the web
  • Sending voice messages via email accounts
  • Calling features can be turned on or off
  • Programing your phone with features that suit your specific needs
  • Unlimited calls to US, Puerto Rico, Canada, and US Virgin Islands with 18 calling features, unlimited directory assistance. All these services available for a monthly flat rate.

If you want to learn more about their services, visit the website for Optimum Voice or call 1-877-273-7626.

How to Choose Grand Junction Internet Providers

There is a big need for people to get connected using the internet. Grand Junction Internet Providers are in high demand because of the convenience internet facilities offer in terms of communication and information dissemination.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones through email or web conferencing is done faster with the use of this technology. Gone are the days when you have to send snail mail to correspond with your family who lives in a distant place. With a push of a button, you can send, receive and share email with everyone you know all in a matter of seconds.

When you are running a business, you have the potential of being more profitable because you are easily accessed by your customers through email. You can set up a website with your products on display and that is a more effective way of marketing your goods in a cost efficient manner. Customers can place their orders on your website and you can do payment transactions by doing bank transfers online as well.

With the advent of this innovative technology, you must learn how an internet connection reaches your home. There are basically two types – the wireless connection and the cable connection. The wireless internet connection operates by picking up the signals from their nearest satellite tower. These signals usually run on the same frequency of your cellphone unit. A cable connection however needs the installation of either a cable TV or telephone wire connection to your home to be able to connect with the internet services. When choosing your ISP be sure to ask them how they are going to provide their services for you.

There are actually a lot of Grand Junction Internet Providers that you will find once you search through the online yellow pages. You must be aware of the different services they offer, compare prices before settling down to using an internet provider. A wireless ISP could be great but it will depend heavily on aerial signals that can be inconsistent and might encounter a lot of interference. You have to check if your area is covered by a strong signal connected to your ISP. Cable services have stronger connections however there are geographical installation limitations as well.

ISP providers also offer a number of services related to their internet service. They often bundle these services into packages at discounted rates.


Contact Details:
Phone (800) 266-2278


  • Offers internet, TV and Phone services at very affordable rates.
    TV with internet for only $69.99 a month
    Xfinity TV for only $29.99 a month
    Faster internet for only $29.99 a month
    Unlimited Calling for only $19.99 a month
  • TV services offer DVR , On Demand, Pay-Per-View and Sports channels
  • Internet services offer security, a secure share and back-up, Constant Guard services from XFINITY, Internet2Go, and check e-mail features
  • Phone services include check voice email, Carefree Minutes service
  • You can pay your bill using the Ecobill feature of their website
  • Excellent customer service
  • Move and Transfer Services
  • Customer guarantee


Phone: (866) 714-016


  • Open all days of the week, at all hours of the day
  • Pay only $134.89 for a digital TV with no fee on HD services plus Road Runner broadband with maximum 7 mbps download speed with Time Warner Cable 46 mobile internet
  • Pay only $174.84 for a digital TV with HD plus Road Runner Broadband (with free anti virus, anti-spam and others) with a digital home phone (including caller ID for the TV and PC)
  • Pay only $124.85 for a digital TV (with On Demand access and HD services with no additional fees) plus Road Runner broadband (including 10 email accounts) plus a digital home phone (with popular calling feature that are included at no added costs).


Phone: 1-888-898-5134


  • Offer Charter Internet, Charter TV and Charter Phone services
  • TV services: – connect all your TV at home
    • watch all your favorite TV channels and others
  • Internet: -Pay only $19.99 per month for maximum speeds of 1 Mbps
    • Access to live telecast of Sports Online with the
    • 25 Mbps speed available
  • Phone: -Pay only $29.99 for only 6 months
    • Unlimited long distance and local calls
    • with caller ID, voice mail, E911 and other features
  • Pay only $69.97 per month for 1 whole year for the Charter Bundle


Phone: (970) 2245-7088 / (888)8004ACS


  • Hosting Services – register new domain and premium domain hosting services
  • Internet Access Services – Dial up modem access
    • Small business and residential DSL
      • Point to point
      • relay and ATM