Finding a Hospice Grand Junction

A hospice is a place where a patient receives a special kind of caring during the last stages of their disease in order to manage their pain, to help them stay alert and to experience comfort and peace as much as possible during the last months of their life. Patients in hospice Grand Junction usually only have half a year to live or less. This type of end-of-life care is typically administered at home and also involves services that helps the family of the patient.

Hospice care is a philosophy and type of caring that puts focus on the palliative treatment of the symptoms of a terminally ill patient. These symptoms are by nature physical, spiritual, emotional and social.

The hospice concept has evolved since its introduction in the 11th century. Hospices then were places where the wounded, dying or sick, as well as pilgrims and travelers, received hospitality. Today’s concept of a hospice includes the palliative care for the terminally ill that is usually administered in nursing homes or hospitals. The same care is provided for those who choose to die at home. The foundational principles of operating modern hospice services were formulated by Dame Cicely Saunders back in 1950s. The movement was met with resistance but rapidly expanded in the US, UK and around the world.

If you need hospice Grand Junction services, there are several of them. These institutions provide first class amenities to alleviate the pain and provide comfort to their aging or dying patients, as well as a support system for their families.

Hospice & Palliative Care of Western Colorado

3090 North 12th Street, Unit B, Grand Junction, Colorado 81506
Phone: 970-241-2212
Fax: 970-257-2400

The Hospice dedicates themselves in the support and care of patients with serious illness together with their families. Their services are offered to any person, no matter what age, ability to pay or type of disease. The Hospice relies on charitable donations in carrying out their work and in developing new programs.

Mantey Height Rehabilitiation & Care Center

2825 Patterson Road
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Phone: 970-242-7356

This nursing home offers the services of a 5 star care and rehabilitation center. It is situated in Mesa County, the area overlooking the beautiful view of Grand Mesa, the Monument, Mt. Garfield and Uncompahgre mountain range.

It is a few minutes away from the Community Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital. Their facilities and devoted staff assures that the resident and his entire family’s needs will be met. They offer skilled health care and short term rehab services.

Mesa Manor Care and Rehabilitation Center

2901 N 12Th St
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Phone: (970) 243-7211

This facility offers various services such as Rehabilitation Services, Alzheimer’s Care and Services, Nursing and Convalescent Homes, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Services for Elderly Care.

How to Choose Eye Doctors in Grand Junction CO

There are several kinds of eye doctors in Grand Junction CO. There are optometrists and ophthalmologists as well as opticians that play a big role in maintaining and providing exceptional vision care in this city.

There are 4 basic things to consider when choosing eye doctors in Grand Junction CO for your treatment. Look into their qualifications including the degrees and licenses they hold. Check if the services they offer includes the service that you need. The doctor must have ample professional experience to render the service and by doing due diligence, you may able to find former patients who can give an accurate feedback on the doctor.

With these in mind and having all the information you need, it is easier to choose the right eye doctor for the eye care that you require.

Some Opticians in Grand Junction:

  • Valley Vision Center

    Valley Vision Center is operated by Dr. Bethka and Dr. McKenzie with their staff. They provide complete eye examination, contact lenses and eyeglasses for the Grand Junction community. They are committed to serving their patients with top quality vision care using the most modern testing equipment and excellent quality frames, contact lenses and lenses.

    They are located at 950 North Avenue, Suite 106, Grand Junction, CO 81501 with phone number (970)245-7850 , fax (970)242-0281.

  • Western Rockies Eye Center PC

    Western Rockies is headed by Michael E. Luby OD. The operating hours are from 9am to 5pm during Mondays, Teusdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. His center is located at 1000 Wellington Ave #B, Grand Junction, CO 81501-8180. Phone number (970)245-1514.

Some Optometrists in Grand Junction:

  • Ashley R. Ford, OD

    Dr. Ford is a native resident of Grand Junction takes pride and satisfaction in delivering personalized and highly advanced technological vision care to her patients from all walks of life. She has been practicing since 2011 using experience and compassion in delivery of vision care. She is focused on working with her patient, creating a friendly and warm environment while educating her patients on their options for visual treatment and correction.

    Her clinic is available 24 hours every day and you can call thru (970)242-8727.

  • Marillac Clinic

    The Sister of Charity of Leavenworth Health Systems sponsored Marillac when it was founded by its group of community leaders and dedicated medical professionals in 1998. The clinic has evolved thru the years into a diverse and strong organization serving thousands of Mesa County residents each year.

    The community clinic offers various healthcare services that include optical, dental, medical, medications, integrated mental health care and the MAP program. Although not a free clinic, Marillac makes their services affordable to the low and medium income, under-insured and uninsured families and individuals by just accepting payments of a portion of the cost of care thru a sliding scale free structure.

    The clinic is located at 2333 N 6th Street, Grand Junction CO, 81502 phone number (970)298-1782.

  • Orchard Eye Center

    Orchard Eye Center works directly with their comprehensive Ophthalmologists and board certified eye surgeons committed to offering their patients with modern and tested vision care technologies, procedures and total vision care.

    Dr. Geske, works with his highly qualified colleagues in the field to ensure patients receive exceptional eye care regardless if its cataract, refractive or general eye disorders. Providing patient-centered eye care and convenience is part of their long standing philosophy.

    Their center is located at 2403 North 12th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, phone number (970)243-8697.

Hear Better with Hearing Aids Grand Junction

Most people who are hearing impaired could be helped with a hearing device or a hearing aid. One must understand that although hearing aids can help make a person hear, it does not restore normal hearing.

There are several ways a person loses his hearing. A person may be born with the hearing defect in his ear due to a “nerve” hearing loss. Another way is due to old age wherein more seniors experience hearing loss. And yet another is due to conductive hearing loss or where the auditory nerve functions are normal while the malfunction of the middle ear system causes the abnormality. Mixed hearing loss is the malfunction of these two nerve systems – the auditory and the middle ear. In some cases, hearing loss may occur to both ears or to just either one.

People with hearing disabilities in both ears are candidates for wearing 2 hearing aids. If the hearing malfunction only occurs in one ear then one hearing aid will suffice. Hearing aids help people hear better by amplifying the sound with clarity so the person can understand and communicate effectively.

There are various types of Hearing Aids Grand Junction citizens can select from depending on their need. The factors one should consider in buying hearing aids would depend on their demands, the degree of their hearing loss, the dexterity of their hand and limb movements and on their overall lifestyle.

What is important in choosing an effective hearing aid is that it should be able to capture all the surrounding noise coming from all directions and to transmit the stimuli to the persons brain. The person must be able to hear as much language and auditory input to be able to develop their language and speech.

People with hearing loss conditions should seek a professional consultation with a hearing aid center in order to get the right diagnosis and recommendation for the appropriate hearing aid that they need.

Here is a short list of reputable Centers for hearing aids Grand Junction:

  • Audiology and Hearing Aid Center of Grand Junction LLC
    2050 S. Main St Ste A, Grand Junction, CO 81501
    Phone: (970)242-7664

    2232 N 7th St Ste 6, Grand Junction, CO 81501
    Phone: (970)242-7664

    The center deals with laboratories for the medical industry. The professionals on its staff are audiologists. Payment methods accepted are credit cards of Amex, Visa and MasterCard.

  • Advanced Hearing Centers at the Time and Temperature Sign
    337 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501
    Phone: (970) 242-4000
  • National Hearing Centers Inside Wal-mart
    2545 Rimrock Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81505
    Phone:(970) 242-6934

How the Hospitals in Grand Junction Create a Healthy Community

Grand Junction has been attracting nationwide attention on how the state provides their community with health care services. The city has become one of the the country’s best performing health care communities. This has prompted a health team from New America to make a case study of medical providers and hospitals in Grand Junction to see how their health care system works.

Parts of the accomplishments of Grand Junction can be duplicated in other states. The city has an innovative system that allow their medical providers easy access to health information from various settings to create a complete picture of the patient’s health status, medical history, test results and medication. Some of the systems are quite complex. Like the way business practices and incentives were aligned by health care leaders who had the vision and strong purpose in creating concepts that benefit the whole community, including the uninsured and the sick.

According to Len Nichols, the health policy program director of New America, what is impressive about the city of Grand Junction is their ability to channel their self-interest to serve society. This has been one of the major goals of the comprehensive health reform.

The features of health care in Grand Junction are analyzed in the case study. This included how the hospitals in Grand Junction provided doctors with incentive contracts with the largest insurer with the area. In turn, providers are moved away from the fee-for-service or pay-for-volume reimbursement system. The rewards to its community is top quality health care that is highly efficient.

As a safety net for the needy, clinics for the uninsured at located in the grounds of the community hospitals. Uninsured patients who are eligible for ER care are transferred to these clinics for ongoing or follow up care provided for free on a graduated scale. These clinics offer same day or a one stop shop service for primary, behavioral or preventive health care. When a specialist is needed, the clinic calls on the volunteers in their network. This safety net reduces or shifts the cost of care for the uninsured. Each patient will receive quality health care whatever their insurance or income status is.

Information sharing, transparent performance data and peer-to-peer feedback encourages health providers to communicate and collaborate. By being transparent with data on the cost of every test, specialist referral, drugs and hospitalization, doctors become more cost-conscious. Coupled with incentive contracts, the doctor’s competitiveness is directed towards efficiency rather than in revenue maximization.

Providing the community with a strong workforce of primary care physicians coordinates treatment and enables the management and coordination of health care among several facilities and doctors. Primary care physicians are compensated and motivated to seeing the patients in hospitals even if they are being treated by specialists. This promotes the smooth transition and good communication of follow up care coming from the hospital and back to the community.

In Grand Junction, there are several highly competent physicians that you can locate for these types of services. The following is a short list of these reputable doctors in the Grand Valley Primary Care Community Hospitals and their specializations.

  • Terry Villareal-Golba, PA
    Clinical Interests: Family Medicine, Women’s Healthcare , Spanish Bilingual
    Certification: Certified Physician Assistant
  • Kathy Howe, DO
    Board Certification: American Board of Family Physicians
    Clinical Interest: Women’s Health, Pediatrics, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
  • David W. Terry, DO
    Board Certification: Family Medicine
    Clinical Interests: Family Medicine
  • Brian DiMarzio, MD
    Residency: University of Nevada
    Board Certification: American Academy of Family Physicians
  • David Gordon, MD
    Board Certification: American Board of Family Medicine
    Internship and Residency: Womack Army Family Medicine, Fort Bragg, NC

Grand Valley Primary Care is located in 603 28 ¼ Road, Grand Junction, CO 81505. Contact Number 263-2600.

Other hospitals you will find in Grand Junction are:

  1. St. Mary’s Hospital
    Services: Cancer care, Brain and Spine Center, Orthopedic services, vascular and heart services, weight loss surgery, children and women’s services and others
    Location: 2635 N. 7th St. Grand Junction CO 81502
    Phone: 970-298-2273 / Toll free 800-458-3888
  2. Community Hospital
    Services: Emergency services, breast care center, home health services, laboratory services, imaging and radiology, nursing care, rehabilitation services, surgical services, surgical weight loss center
    Location: 2021 N 12th Grand Junction CO 81501
    Phone: (970) 242-0920
  3. Grand Junction VA Medical Center
    Services: Palliative care, extended rehab and care, mental health, pharmacy, military sexual trauma counselling, social work, women’s health, specialty care
    Location: 2121 North Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501
    Phone: 970-242-0731 / 866-206-6415

Hospitals in Grand Junction Colorado- Providing the Best Health Care Possible

A community is said to be striving if it can serve its own localities with quality health care. The state of the health care system is a matter of importance specially for a well-developed country. This is where the town of Grand Junction, Colorado excels. This town offers very efficient, effective and high quality health care to its local and nearby community at a very low cost. This kind of service has been in effect for more than four decades.

The health care system in Grand Junction mirrors what the town is all about and the goal of the government in giving quality health care services to its localities. They aimed to constantly improve this service with several medical and health care partnership with other healthcare providers and medical professionals. Doctors in this town offer quality service and they are paid as salary based and not for the procedures they do. Doctors and health providers seek to prevent and manage medical diseases instead of treating them. This is what makes hospitals in Grand Junction Colorado stand out. Patients have electronic records of their medical history making the retrieval fast and efficient. While improving the quality of the health service, Grand Junction hospitals still maintain what they are known for, cheap but quality service. Even small clinics in Grand Junction offers the same high quality health service.

One good example of a local hospital in Grand Junction Colorado is St. Mary’s Hospital with six locations in the town. Doctors in this medical institution are constantly peer-reviewed. The reviews are not entirely on their performance, but the protocols that they follow in making their goals of preventing and managing medical conditions. The peer review is not just a quality assurance process, but also a way for the medical practitioners to learn from one another.

Constant improvement of the facilities also contributes to why Grand Junction hospitals stands apart from the rest. There are the so-called house doctors. Almost every patient has their own attending doctor. This implies that the doctors in Grand Junction are dedicated to their profession as they take care of their patient.

The Hospitals in Grand Junction Colorado are located strategically all over the town in order to provide quality health care services. If you live in Grand Junction, you are lucky for your health is very well taken care of. If you happen to be a traveller in this area, don’t worry, your safety and well-being is also their concern.

Services of Icon Lasik Grand Junction

In January 2010, Icon Lasik has established their first location in western Colorado. Since then the center has been providing the residents of western Colorado with the same technology and experience at very affordable prices. These are the same benefits that Icon Lasik Grand Junction customers are expecting from their Loveland and Denver locations.

Dr. Travis Anderson, O.D. , a noted Icon Lasik optometrist states that their staff is looking forward to offering the premium eye care services and vision correction procedures to the Grand Junction community. Their new location at Grand Junction features the same innovative Lasik equipment and technology being used in their Loveland and Denver eye care centers. The Icon clinic’s address at Grand Junction is 120 West Part Drive, Unit 108 Grand Junction, Colorado 81505.

The state-of-the-art LASIK technology offered by Icon includes eye tracker NIDEK EC-5000, the Wavefront Laser VISX Star4, the blade less Intralase Lasik system (which is the most recent in retinal mapping technology) and the Visian ICL. All of these equipment contributes to the world class eye surgery and Lasik technology of Icon. As a Intralase trademark, Icon Lasik is also a registered trademark of the Intralase Corp. NIDEK is the trademark of the NIDEK inc. While Star4 and VISX are the trademarks of VISX Inc.

Visian ICL is a certified procedure made accessible to fit all prescriptions and a vast range of candidates for vision correction – from people who are nearsighted to those who are farsighted (without astigmatism), including those with severe to mild myopia. Icon Lasik Grand Junction provides solutions for people to have clearer visions so they can see better and enjoy their experience throughout and beyond Colorado, Utah.

Over 100,000 PRK and Lasik procedures have been performed by Icon Lasik in Colorado. The treatments cost as low as $499 for each eye and financing is available for Lasik at zero percent interest with no down payments and no installments for the next 12 months. More customers are able to enjoy the Lasik technology because of its affordability.

Icon Lasik has 20 years of refractive and general eye experience. Each clinic features the most modern custom laser technology which Icon Lasik uses in providing their patients with the most convenient, safest and affordable surgery in America. The doctor must talk about the benefits and risks of a Lasik procedure with the patient during the free consultation. The optometry and medical services are performed by the independent physicians and optometrists. For any inquiries or to schedule the free consultation for LASIK you can contact the Icon LASIK President, Dr. Richard Anderson, OD. His clinic is at 3900 East Mexico, Suite 102 Denver, CO 80210. Phone 720.524.1001 or fax at 720.524.1121.

How to Find Good Doctors for Lasik Grand Junction Co

Having impaired vision is quite close to being partially disabled. Without good vision you experience limitations in your movements and activities. The most basic movements are performed with difficulty like reading, eating and walking. To prevent this debilitating situation from happening, consult a professional eye doctor for a regular check-up or a corrective procedure.

Nowadays, Lasik surgery is preferred by most doctors in correcting the eye impairments that can no longer be corrected by wearing glasses. This is a surgical procedure wherein the patient is administered a pre-operative sedative that helps them relax. Then after applying anesthetic eye drops the surgeon lifts the flap of the corneal tissue and uses laser to form and shape the cornea. The patient may feel some discomfort a few weeks after the procedure. But when they are totally healed their vision is restored to 20/20 clarity.

The trick to a successful Lasik procedure is to find a qualified doctor and provider. For your peace of mind, make sure you know everything about the procedure before deciding whether to avail of it or not. You must know the right questions to ask your doctor to be completely comfortable with the operation. It also helps you decide if you should undertake the procedure with that doctor. Basic questions like what kind of laser they use, how often they calibrate the machine, how many surgeries the doctor has performed using Lasik and how successful are the results of these operations are information that you should know. These kinds of procedures can be quite costly so you should ask if you have any financing options in paying for it and what financial arrangements you can ask from the hospital as well.

For treatments in Lasik Grand Junction Co provides the best services in the United States. You will find that the best hospitals with the state-of-the-art equipment for eye procedures in Lasik. Not only that, the city also has the best medical practitioners who are highly qualified in performing all kinds of eye maintenance services and corrective eye procedures.

Search the internet and you’ll find popular doctors like Dr. John Oster. He is one of the well known doctors performing procedures in Lasik Grand Junction Co. He has over 12 years of experience practicing his profession and has performed 18,000 eye procedures. His medical office is located at 2472 Patterson Road, Suite 11, Colorado 81505 and another clinic in Monument Plaza, Grand Junction.