Where Can You Find the Best Rentals Grand Junction CO?

Usually when you are searching for Grand Junction CO rentals, you will search through the yellow pages and skim through all the advertisements for the best locations that you can find. Nowadays, you can simply just go on the internet and search for websites that offer rentals Grand Junction CO. You can even view the pictures of the property and read through the detailed description on the site. Optimizing your search by narrowing it down to the particular location you want to settle in makes your search faster and more accurate. However, you will still need to call the property owner to check if the property is still available for lease, negotiate for the terms of payment and ask for an ocular inspection of the property before finalizing the deal. Going through this process can be quite tiresome and frustrating, specially if you haven’t found the property that fits your needs and your budget.

One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to get in touch with a property manager or locate companies that specialize in rentals Grand Junction CO. These property specialists can provide you with the information and the resources on the particular property you are looking for.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a residential home, a commercial space or building or you are looking for a vacation residence, these property specialists have access to property listings that may have the available property that you need. They usually take over the job of locating the property, negotiating with the landlords on your behalf and working on all the necessary paper work to expedite your moving in.

Renting has become more popular than buying property because you are spared the headache of managing the maintenance costs of the asset, not being obligated to pay property taxes and committing yourself only to the temporary use of the property for only the duration of its lease. By engaging the services of a property manager, you will better understand the terms of your lease and realize all the benefits from renting the space.

Below is a list of companies that offer Grand Junction CO rentals that you might be interested in:

2956 I-70 Business Loop, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 241-4368

1800 Main St # D, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 245-3815

606 25 1/2 Road, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 245-7627

1011 North 10th Street, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 245-0388

551 Grand Ave. Suite S
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970.245.1178
Fax: 970.245.5673

Where do you go to find for rent Grand Junction?

There are any number of reasons why you would want to look for an apartment for rent Grand Junction. If you’re going to stay for just a week or two, a stay at a motel or hotel might be a better option, but if you plan to stay for a month or longer, an apartment, a condominium or a house would be more cost-effective. Besides the length of stay, there are other criteria to consider when looking for rent Grand Junction lodgings.

Of course, if you’re in town alone, the convenience of a hotel, a motel or even a resort far outweighs having to do your own meals and laundry. For a larger party or a family visiting Grand Junction renting an apartment or a condominium near the center of the city would allow more time to see the sights, or to go to the office buildings.

If you’re moving into Grand Junction, renting a house can be the first step before you buy your own. Definitely, if you’re going to settle down in Grand Junction, you would have to buy a house and immerse yourself with the rest of the population. First thing you need to do would be to find a place where you can put your feet up and get acquainted with the community.

Grand Junction rentals are not hard to find. There are real estate companies which can help in finding a place for you. Some of the reputable real estate companies which can help find a residence for rent Grand Junction include All Season Rental, Mesa Apartments, Foresight Village and Property Services. These companies specialize in finding properties for rent, either for long-term or for transient use. While scouting for a residence or apartment, these companies would be able to assist you by giving you any information you might need in order to come to a decision.

These companies do not only deal with residential leasing and rentals. They also offer commercial spaces, office space, and industrial building leasing. As part of their business, these are also reputable property management firms. If you have a property of your own which is located in Grand Junction, or if you want to invest in a Grand Junction property they are in a good position to assist you with managing your investment.

If you decide on renting a property, any of the above property managers can help you finalize the deal, assist you with the procedures and paperwork, and generally just make the whole process that much easier to do.

Buying Versus Rental Grand Junction Colorado

People easily fall in love with Grand Junction because of its beautiful terrain and wonderful community. You may be one of those who have seriously considered relocating to this area to live in such a scenic environment. Before you move in and settle down, you really have to think deeply on whether to buy property or consider getting a rental Grand Junction Colorado. Investing in property requires a large capital, whether you are just buying or renting a residential, vacation or commercial space or property, so you have to consider all the issues that are involved in this decision.

First, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Grand Junction Colorado rentals? With rentals, you can already determine the monthly fixed costs that you have to pay for the term of lease on the property. When buying property, you may have variable costs. Usually, you will have to get a bank loan to finance the property you are buying and the interest rates and other fees may change for every month.

Second, with Grand Junction Colorado rentals, you may be paying a fixed amount on the property but you will never gain the equity that you are paying for. The upside is that you are not losing it either. When the contract of lease has reached its end, all you have to do is either renew the contract or move to another rental. On the other hand, when you have bought the property, the value of the equity may either increase or not or remain the same thru the years. If you decide to relocate, you have the option to sell the property or rent it out. Either way, you have full control of how to manage and make money out of the property because it is solely your own.

Third, if you are living in a rental Grand Junction Colorado, you don’t have the liberty to make changes or renovate your personal space. The good thing about it is that you spend less time and money on maintenance costs because that is usually shouldered by the owner of the property. As compared to owning your own property, you are responsible for all the costs of repairs and maintenance but you can design and customize your property in any way you want.

Lastly, when you are renting, you are only required a small amount of cash upfront. You are only asked to pay for the amount of time you will be leasing the property and that can be just in a matter of a few months to a year. The disadvantage to it is that you won’t get any tax breaks, your landlord has the right to claim them. As opposed to owning your own property, you will have to shell out more money for the down payment but can apply that as a tax advantage to your home ownership when you file your taxes.

Do You Need Property Management in Grand Junction CO?

Investing your money in Grand Junction properties can be a very lucrative and worthy long-term investment. The location is one of the best places to move into with the value of its real estate properties constantly on the rise. You can be assured that the property you buy today will be worth much more than it is today. Whether you have bought one or more properties for the purpose of making a business out of it, you may want to consider hiring a company to do your property management in Grand Junction CO.

Property managers provide the professional real estate services you need to relieve you of the stress due to management problems. These professionals commit themselves to efficiently managing your property so that you can maximize the benefits of your assets.

Owning property should be pleasurable and not painful. If you don’t know how to single handedly manage your property then a property manager is what you need. The property manager makes sure that your property is well maintained at the most minimal of costs and leases it out at reasonable market rates while they carefully screen and select your tenants.

Property managers are usually contracted to manage a single property or multiple assets of an owner. They also work with a corporation or a business professional who owns one or more properties. Regardless of the number, property managers give each property the individual care that it deserves.

If you are still deciding whether to hire a property manager or not, here are some things that you should know. Hire only licensed and full time property managers. It is against the law to pay the services of a non-licensed manager. A part-time manager cannot be effective in providing you the best management services because they won’t be able to focus on the job required.

Once you have decided that you need the services of property managers to oversee your assets, below is a list of reputable companies for property management in Grand Junction CO to choose from.

Address: 2497 Power Rd #2, Grand Junction, CO 81507
Phone: (970)241-4130

Address: 120 W Park Drive, Suite 201, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 683-2595
Fax: (866) 452-2585

Address: 420 N 8th , Grand Junction, CO 81501

Address: Ste 2, 2002 I-70 Business Loop, Grand Junction, CO 81504-4435
Phone: +1 970-243-3186

Address: 2680 B ½ Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 241-1607

What is Bray Realty Grand Junction All About?

If you are on the lookout for a real estate property with the intention of using it as an investment, you need the services of Bray Realty Grand Junction.

Bray Realty is one of the largest real estate companies in Grand Junction that offers a full range of services. The company has a team of experienced and duly licensed real estate agents who are highly qualified to render all kinds of real estate services. These services in particular involves property management, back to back property management, residential and commercial property management. They also do rentals, real estate, home sales, property management products, rental services, leasing, marketing and other real estate related services.

Not all real estate companies are created equal. Bray Realty Grand Junction takes pride that it has taken them years to build their stellar reputation from the exemplary service of their agents, their dedication to satisfy customers and the quality of the properties and services they render. They know exactly what their clients need and give it to them. They make sure that all their agents are highly qualified and equipped with the skills, knowledge and due licenses to give the exceptional service their customers deserve.

Some realtors are just in the business to buy and sell property for you. Bray Realty goes the extra mile by giving all the services you need in managing your property assets. They can do the marketing and look for tenants for your property. They can do the overall property management like upkeep, rental collections and other services like renewal of property taxes and licenses for you.

Bray Realty makes it a point to keep the communication open with their customers to enable them to transact business more efficiently. By listening to their clients’s needs and finding the right business solutions for their property, Bray satisfies 99% of their customers, making their company an industry leader when it comes to property sales and management.

Bray services covers the area of Colorado and Mesa County including Fruita, Redlands, Grand Junction, Grand Mesa, Palisade, Glade Park, Clifton, and Loma. They offer a wide inventory of properties from homes, apartments, buildings, land, ranches, commercial and residential properties, site properties for selection or purchase, site development and other real estate related needs. The company accepts major credit cards for payment.

Contact them for a site or property viewing at 637 North Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501, or call (970) 242-8450.

How to Find the Best Grand Junction Realty

In today’s economic situation, there are a lot of properties up in the market and it can be time consuming just looking for that bargain priced property that you want to have for keeps. Looking for a property on your own takes a lot of effort since you don’t really have the access to all the information like real estate Grand Junction property listings.

It is more practical to avail of the services of property specialist in real estate Grand Junction. These are highly trained professionals who underwent training and state licensing examinations to be eligible to sell, rent, and manage your properties. With their experience and connections they can provide you with the resources for the kind of real estate that you are looking for. They have access to property listings that may not be publicly sold in the open market. The property owners hire their services to dispose of land, houses, or buildings that they own to buyers who are willing to buy it at their quoted price.

The role of a real estate broker, property specialist or realtor is usually one and the same with the exception that some of them specialize in particular properties. Although they can all perform the same functions, some choose to focus merely on selling, renting or in the management of rentals and business operations of the property. They earn through the commissions they get from the sale or rental of the property and more often than not, they are affiliated or work under the authority of a licensed brokerage company.

Here are just some of the property specialists in Grand Junction that you might want to know.


Century 21 is a Grand Junction Realty full- service company that serves the whole Western slope. The company is Mesa County’s number one real estate company for more than 37 years. Their highly qualified agents can give you all your property needs such as commercial, residential, vacant land, farm and ranch, recreational properties, investment properties, development properties, hunting grounds, business opportunities and other areas of real estate. They have in house mortgage services and offer a full-service for property management to assist you with rental and management needs. They have experienced sellers of property and the knack of finding the property you are looking for.

Contact them at:
(970) 243-5100 / (800) 9550257


Heiden Homes offers their customers full access to Grand Junction Realty properties that are up for sale. The company shares a business relationship with the Board of Realtors of Grand Junction and MLS (Multiple Listing Service) giving them access to all the properties listed for sale in Grand Junction.

Their staff of qualified realtors include Land and Ranch specialists, relocation specialists, commercial leasing agents, property managers and investment property managers. Whether you are looking for a property to buy or rent , or to sell an existing property that you own, Heiden Homes has a team of highly skilled professionals. They also have a team of property managers capable of managing the operations of your property or for finding property for investment purposes.

Contact them at:
(970)245-7777 / (970) 245-7790
735 Rood Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501


Cliff Kramer is one of the reputable property brokers in Grand Junction. He provides his customers with the Newcomer’s Relocation package. This is a valuable resource of information that he provides for free to new customers who have just relocated to Grand Junction. To be further acquainted with the area, he gives new customers information on property listings that they need if they are looking for a new home to rent or buy. The guide also contains pertinent information about the surrounding community in the area like schools, colleges, health care providers, mortgage qualification, real estate, transportation, recreational activities, weather and others.

Contact Cliff at:
1-800-926-6862 ext. 249


Joe Hicks has been in the real estate business for 30 years. He had owned his full-time brokerage for 15 years, has retired and passed the reins of the business to his daughter, Julie Somerville.

Julie is highly qualified to run the business, having been graduated from Mesa State College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

His son, Joe Hicks Jr. now handles the Joe Hicks Auction Service and works closely with Julie in continuing the real estate legacy their father has passed onto them.

Theirs is a unique, family oriented company that offers their clients the best services with options for real estate marketing and real estate auctions. Their company is a member of the Board of Realtors in Grand Junction and their listings is advertised in the Multiple Listing Service.
Contact them:


How to Buy Property – Tips from Premier Property Management Grand Junction

When you relocate to Grand Junction, Colorado you may want to invest in real property for personal or business purposes. The business climate in the city is as bright and sunny as its summers. This is an indication that there is a surge in the demand for property. More people means a greater need for housing. Therefore, when you are in Colorado, make sure you contact a reputable realtor like Premier Property Management Grand Junction.

This company specializes in rentals for homes, duplex, condos and apartments located in the area of Grand Valley. The company also manages rental properties in areas of Fruita, Grand Junction, Palisade and Clifton. The primary aim of the company is to provide both the owner and tenant personalized service. They provide an open line of communication between the owners, managers and tenants to build a successful relationship between them.

Premier Property Management was founded by its owners Angela Allen and Dena Watson. Angela has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and is a licensed real estate broker. She has been involved in property management and her expertise is valuable in handling property during unforeseen events. Dena, also a licensed real estate associate broker with a BS degree in Business Management, is an expert in managing and leasing rental properties. With a professional background in Human Resources, she is capable of dealing with the needs of tenants and owners providing them with a positive rental experience.

Their company can provide you with a complete listing of rental property available in the market. Hiring their services will give you the ease and convenience of looking for rental property that will fit your requirements. Likewise, there are certain requirements you have to comply with when applying for rentals with their company.

Their guidelines for the rentals are simple and compliant to the state requirements. All the adult occupants of the rentals should not be less than 21 years old. Co-signers are prohibited. The tenants should have verifiable gross monthly income that is at least 3 times the monthly rent of the property. The company will have to verify your credit history as well as your references with your previous landlords. They do a stringent criminal and background check before they can lease out the property to you.

If you are looking for a property that allows the occupants to keep pets, their company can provide the listing for you. There is a required $300 deposit minimum for the pet friendly properties with an additional of $25 for every pet every month. The dog owners will also be required to have a renter’s insurance.

Their property viewings are done by appointment from Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. They discourage applicants to visit the properties on their own because some of them are occupied by the owners and tenants. For professional realtor services, get in touch with Premier Property management Grand Junction. You can schedule an appointment by calling 970-245-1133.