The Best Spots in Grand Junction That You Should Visit

Grand Junction is a treasure trove of places to see and visit. Aside from having a tour of its amazing rock formations which the area is widely known for, there are a lot of things to do in Grand Junction that will fill up your day.

Why not take a tour of the Cross Orchards? It is one of the best spots in Grand Junction which is located at 3073 F Road, Grand Junction CO 81504. It is a 24-acre site which was once part of the fruit ranch measuring 243 acres and was operated by the Red Cross Land and Fruit Company as an agricultural showcase. It was one of the largest local orchards and it was filled with acres of apple, pear and peach trees. Today it listed in as a historic place in the National Register. This became the venue for a lot of events all through the year which includes the famous Wild West Days that features reenactment of old-time music, train robberies, authentic native American costumes and arts.

How about Downtown Grand Junction? There are a lot of things to do in Grand Junction Downtown. The Grand Junction City established the DDA in 1977 after it was approved by select downtown property businesses and owners through an election. The downtown area was created to provide a place where economic development can be facilitated and to enhance the vitality of the community through its capital investments and construction. Here you will see a lot of business establishments, restaurants, high end boutiques, outdoor fountains, al fresco dining, art galleries and many more. All this while surrounded with the charming rustic flavor with its tree lined streets and a friendly community.

One of the best spots in Grand Junction to go ice skating is the Glacier Ice Arena. This state-of-the-art multi service ice skating facility is built with NHL regulated sheet size ice, a snack bar, locker rooms, party room and arcade. You can go ice skating, figure skating, play hockey, broomball and other ice skating sports. You can also watch the games of your favorite hockey teams in this arena. Skates from all ages and skill levels have circled the rink while other skaters have taken a step higher. You can enroll for private skating lessons the arena offers, join the summer camps or the figure skating clubs, the hockey leagues or try your luck and enter an ice skating competition. The Glacier is the coolest place in town where birthday parties, team building activities and private events take place.

Where to Go For Grand Junction Tours

Going on Grand Junction tours can make your vacation more exciting and educational. By going with guided tours in Grand Junction you get to see the best attractions and scenery this area has to offer. There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Grand Junction that if you are not a local resident, or you don’t know anyone who can take you around, you are sure to miss out on all the fun.

Taking tours in Grand Junction gives you an idea of what the community is all about, how they live their life, their culture and their history. You are given the brief opportunity to immerse in all of these and go back home with a feeling of exhilaration.

If you are from out of town, the Grand Junction tours are a welcome respite away from the familiar. You will see the best botannical gardens only in Grand Junction. You may chance upon a wedding ceremony being performed there for it is one of the favorite venues for such because of the romantic scenery created by the gardens.

To have a wine tasting experience, visit one of the town’s local wineries. They will give you a tour of the vineyards plus a sip of the latest and tastiest vintage wines.

For you to have the best and most out of your vacation time, you must seek help and get the tour services available in Grand Junction. There are companies that offer guided tours of the county’s scenic spots and historical places while providing the means and resources to get to these locations. You can book for a guided tour with a group or a special tour all on your own. You won’t have to waste time going around in circles looking for all these wonderful places to see. Getting tour guides and their services helps you maximize your time and you get to see a lot of places for a very minimal fee.

The Must-See Tours in Grand Junction, call them to book an appointment!

655 Struthers Avenue, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970) 245-9030

435 Main Street, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970) 241-0070

359 Colorado Avenue #201, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970) 243-9490

2087 Broadway, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970)255-1471

607 28 ¼ Rd #127, Grand Junction CO 81501
Phone: (970)434-6494

Finding the Grand Junction Clubs That You Belong

There are a thousand and one ways to be entertained, and you will find most of it in various forms in the Grand Junction Clubs.

The clubs are establishments where Grand Junction residents and their guests get entertainment, with the offerings of good food, beverages, live music, and other amenities that will give them their fill to rest, relax and socialize. Clubs may also be organizations with members sharing a common cause, sentiment or goal.

So if you are in town to look for a club, to have fun or just to belong, here is the list of Grand Junction Clubs that you must see:


Location: 490 28 ¼ Road, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 241-5179

What’s there to see:

The Whiskey River is a huge venue where you can watch live bands perform on stage almost every night. You can hold private events in this club because the venue is so huge it can accommodate hundreds of guests. They have the famous Backlit Tuesdays and Texas Moon events. Several concerts are held here too.


Location: 538 Main Street, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 241-1717

What’s there to see:

One of Grand Junction’s largest theaters. It is not just used to watch movies, you can watch live rock concerts, midgets wrestling matches and even have a DJ lounge party here too. Every Thursday is the “U” Night DJ Dance Party. Their happy hour is from 10:30 to 12:30.


Location: 131 N 6th St. #305, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 242-3264

What it is about:

This is an club which is an organization of different counties, tribes, communities, individuals, businesses and associations found in Western Colorado. It was organized with the purpose of voicing out issues of mutual concern. Their activities include public education, marketing and advertising, political action, promotion, meetings and events.


Location: 2993 North Avenue, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 241-3222

What’s there to see:

A dance club in an old building but with a new spin. Under the new management of owner David Like, the club is the only high energy dance club in the area that plays modern dance club music. The club also features dart boards, arcade games, foosball tables and a patio for the smokes. There are VIP rooms for private parties which you can reserve for the price of the bottle service.


Location: 2102 Chipeta Avenue, Grand Junction CO
Phone: (435) 210-1356

What’s there to see:

Alicia, the owner has thought of ingenious ways to put fire back into your relationship. Her business venture is a mixture of providing adult night time entertainment while selling her lingerie and adult toys. She offers business opportunities that you can work on from home and they also organize bachelorette parties, all in one venue.

Where to get the Best RV Rental Grand Junction CO

It’s quite hard to plan a vacation trip with your family and friends. You don’t want to waste your time traveling to get to your destination when along the way you can enjoy the natural scenery. Hiring the services of a Grand Junction RV rental allows you to have the flexibility and luxury of time in getting to your destination without having to worry about not having a place to stay.

An RV rental Grand Junction CO is your home away from home. These units come complete with the basic necessities that provide you the comforts and conveniences you need while you are on the road. If you are traveling with a group of people and your trip may take a few days to get to where you are going, you don’t have to check into a hotel just to get a good night sleep or have some refreshments. There are several parks and camps that you can pass by along the way where you can park and spend the night in comfort. It is in these places that you will see other people who also hired the RV rentals Grand Junction CO. You have lots of opportunities to socialize and mingle with different people from all walks of life in these RV parks and camps.

It may be more cost efficient for you to acquire a Grand Junction RV rental when planning your budget for your vacation. One RV can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 6 people. You can buy or rent a unit from various companies that offer RV rentals Grand Junction CO. There are some companies that will even buy your old motor home from you.

Some of the RV rentals offer added services like trip planning. They can provide you with maps to the scenic places you can visit in Grand Junction plus tips on the locations where you can park or camp out along the way.

Here is a short list of companies that offer RV rental Grand Junction CO:


Address: P.O. Box 691422, Tulsa, OK 74169
Phone: (866) 610-4931 / (866) 610-4931
Fax: (432) 206-7019


Address: 359 Colorado Avenue, Suite 201, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (800) 247-0970 / (970) 243-9490


Address: 2302 Grand Park Dr. Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 245-1305


Address: High Ranking Domains, LLC, PO box 3400, Centennial, CO 80161

Getting Fit with Gyms in Grand Junction CO

Do you want to get rid of those ugly flabs? Then get on your feet and enroll in one of the many fitness gyms in Grand Junction CO.

Getting a regular workout or fitness training will keep your body and mind sound and alert. It reduces the likelihood of you getting sick with a disease and it will even improve your overall well being. The best way to enjoy the healthy surroundings of Grand Junction is to live a healthy life yourself.

The gyms in Grand Junction CO offers a wide selection of fitness training and activities that will suit your preferences and health requirements.


Location: 225 N 5th St. #18, Grand Junction, CO
Phone: (970) 241-7800


Hot tubs and saunas, racquetball and squash courts, fitness programs, indoor swimming pool, cardiovascular equipment, cardio theater system, nursery, SPIN, Chisel, Yoga and Pilates

Best for:

Persons wanting a regular exercise program with a membership in a club. They offer cardiovascular conditioning, stretching and strength training.


Location: 2740 Hwy 50, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 242-7200


24 hour gym, health club with your own 24 hour security-access key, convenient parking, tanning rooms, personal training, HDTVs, cardio TVs, private showers, private restrooms, wellness programs, health plan discounts, 7 day pass, pre-membership reservation, Anywhere Club Access, lowest monthly fees, best gym equipment, free personal fitness orientation

Best for:

Persons who are workout enthusiasts. Its 24 hour, all day, all year gym accessibility leaves you no excuse not to exercise. It offers privacy and security to health aficionados who are looking for a serious workout. With the Anywhere Club Access, members can work out in the other fitness centers scattered all over Grand Junction.


Location: 805 South Avenue, Grand Junction
Phone: (970) 263-9122


13,000 square feet of fitness facility, 12,000 square feet wall to wall wrestling mats, 24 foot boxing ring, 30 foot octagon UFC style MMA cage, speed bags, 40 heavy bags, double-end bags, combat conditioning equipment, throw dummies, programs in mixed martial arts, fitness kickboxing, jiu-jitsu and kids self-defense

Best for:

People who want to stay fit and learn self-defense. A fully equipped fitness training and mixed martial arts facility provides all the programs you want to learn different styles for self-defense. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience. Their friendly staff has a fitness program for everyone and will gladly assist you in your development and training.

The Many Things You can Do For Recreation Grand Junction Area

There are a multitude of activities you can do once you reach the Grand Junction area. Aside from enjoying the wonderful view of the Book Cliffs and other rock formations, the city and the Downtown area offers a lot of amenities that can keep you entertained the whole day.

The place is not only great for sight seeing. The city is quite progressive that you just might fall in love with the beautiful surroundings and one day might find yourself settling in. There are some parts of the town that have kept their rustic flavor which is part of its natural charm. There are several establishments in the area that exude of this modern and contemporary side.

Here is a list of things you can do for recreation Grand Junction area:

Go shopping and connect with nature at the WESTERN COLORADO BOTANICAL GARDENS

This beautiful 15-acre garden situated at 655 Struthers Avenue, Grand Junction, CO features a breathtaking view of the Colorado River. It has a huge showcase of several little gardens that are well maintained by the local gardening organizations. It is run by a non-profit organization that subsists on donations from generous benefactors and from rentals of the venue. Their funding is used to maintain the Cactus Garden, Herb Garden, Orchid display, rose garden and the tropical greenhouse and their Butterfly house.

Visitors come here not just to commune with nature but learn the arts. The Gardens provide learning opportunities by providing education, conservation, science and community events. There are also little shops inside the property where you can shop for home made goods like cheese. The profits from these shops are contributed to the funds used in maintaining all the other gardens.

The gardens are perfect venues for all occasions. You can rent the garden settings for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, picnics, company outing, fund raisers, holiday parties, concerts, memorials and business meetings.

You can call them for a tour of the gardens by contacting Christine Dingman at (970)245-3288 ext. 202.


A trip to the Grand Junction Parks Office will give you all the information you want to know about Grand Junction. They can supply you the list of the forests and parks, and even a detailed map for parking in the Canyon View park. They can tell you where to find the best and safest mountain trails for a day trip adventure or direct you to the nearest boat ramp. There are a lot of playgrounds for the kids and they can provide you with the park rules that you should abide by. They have guides to all the facilities. Guides to the trees if you are in the sport of tree climbing, or directions to the skate park and a place to walk your dog.

You can locate the Grand Junction Parks Office at 1340 Gunnison Avenue, Grand Junction or call them for an appointment and more information at (970) 254-3842

Go Bananas at the BANANAS FUN PARK!

There definitely are no monkeys in this place just great tasting pizza and loads of entertainment. The Bananas Fund park is a family-friendly indoor and outdoor entertainment center that is located in 2469 Riverside Parkway, Grand Junction, Colorado. It is an events pavillion that you can rent to have corporate parties and large events for any occasion. The Congo Cafe is famous for its extensive American cuisine that kids just love. Pizza is the best seller on the menu, and so is their sub sandwiches, desserts, wraps & salads, and specialty drinks.

You can call them for a reservation at (970) 241-7529.

Keeping fit at JAZZERCISE!

After all that eating and partying you need to get back in shape. You can keep fit by enrolling for a total 60 minute body workout at Jazzercise. They are located at 1340 Gunnison Avenue, Grand Junction, CO.

It’s fun to exercise in a group and you achieve your goals more effectively. Each class is a combination of dance-based cardio exercises with stretching to sculpt, lengthen and tone muscles combined with strength training.

You will learn to dance to the hottest music of today with a fusion of pilates, kickboxing, yoga and resistance training along with jazz dancing. You get a $25 rebate upon your registration.

Call them now to enroll in their classes at (970)712-3756.

Grand Junction Campers – Your Guide to a Luxurious Camping Adventure

Have you ever experienced camping while enjoying the comfort of your home? This kind of camping is possible through the use of camper vans or home trailers. These kinds of trucks are equipped with the things you typically see at home such as entertainment sets, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. All features found in a home are packed beautifully in a trailer or campers that are very spacious, designed elegantly and lightweight. You will definitely not miss your own home.

One of the great places to camp with is the town of Grand Junction, Colorado. This town is sandwiched with great mountain ranges, forest, meadows and huge trees. Grand Junction has so many camping grounds that are situated close to nature, biking range, mountain ranges like the Grand Mesa, rivers in which you can try river rafting and fishing. A nature lover will go wild with the Grand Junction environs. A city dweller will want to get immersed in the pristine loveliness of Mesa County.

If you do not have your own Grand Junction campers, no need to worry, because there are lots of home trailers and camper vans that are for sale or for rent. You can have your very own camper van for just $5,000 and this trailer is complete with the amenities you will look for in a home: spacious floor area, extendable floors, entertainment sets, bathroom and bedroom. If you have the means, you can buy luxurious 4- and 5-star trailer homes that are equipped with the state-of-the-art home appliances and furniture. If you are interested in trying Grand Junction campers, ask a quotation from any of the following dealers of home trailers and camper vans:

  • Centennial RV – located in 2429 Highway 6 and 50, Grand Junction; contact details: 970-245-8886
  • Bob Scott’s RV, Inc. – located in 2322 Hwy 6 and 50, Grand Junction and 2302 Grand Park Drive, Grand Junction; contact details: 970-245-2175 for sales and 970-245-1305 for service
  • Humphrey RV and Trailer – located in 800 hwy 50, Grand Junction; contact details: 970-256-7338.

All of these dealers of RV, campervan and trailers offers quality service and competitive pricing. You can even ask about the great sites for camping to these dealers as well as national parks in this town.

Here are some of the nice camping grounds that you can try:

  • RV Ranches – make a reservation by calling 970-434-6644
  • Junction West RV Park – make a reservation by calling them at 970-245-8531.
  • Mobile City RV and Home Park – make a reservation by calling at 970-242-9291.

Grand Junction Campgrounds – Your Venue For Camping Activities

One of the best outdoor activities to try is camping. This is an activity in which individuals immerse themselves in nature by living outdoors. Camping can be a great bonding moment for families and friends and this activity will enhance the relationships between family members and friends.

One of the best places in the United States to engage in camping activities is the environs around Grand Junction in Colorado. This town is very ideal for camping because of its being close to nature with nearby forests, meadows and mountains. Grand Junction campgrounds offers great value for your money and you will surely enjoy your camping experience.

If you have an RV or campervan, you can enjoy your camping activities at RV Ranch at Grand Junction. This camping ground offers complete camping activity for those with RV or camper van as well as for those without it. You can set-up your own camp, rent their cabins, rest under the tall trees or live in your RV/campervan. You don’t have to worry about clean water and electricity for it is supplied all over the camping grounds. This place is also wi-fi enabled and you can tell the whole world about your camping experience as it happens. You can bring your pet to this camping area and enjoy afternoon swimming in their swimming pool. This camping ground is the favorite spot of local and even foreign campers. RV Ranch is open year-round and you can make a reservation by calling them at 800-793-0041 or 970-434-6644 to ask about the rates and amenities offered by the site.

Wanting to spend some night being mesmerized by nature and the culture of Grand Junction? Then try camping at Junction West RV Park. Relax in your RV or camper van while enjoying the scenery, enjoy eating on the picnic tables, barbecue all day long and listen to the concert sponsored by the management every night.

By the way, don’t you ever forget to bring your camera. Photographers love the view of the mountains around the Grand Mesa, clear lakes and spruce and aspen groves. There are endless opportunities for taking pictures of nature at its best.

You will definitely enjoy fishing and river rafting in this awesome campground. And you’ll be eating freshly picked fruits and vegetables and you’ll want to try horseback riding along the camp trails.

Nothing beats Grand Junction campgrounds in experiencing nature at its best! Reserve your visit now.

Looking for Grand Junction Trailer Sales?

If you are an individual who is hungry for outdoor activities such as camping outdoors, then you probably know about trailer trucks, particularly the travel trailer or simply the caravan. These kind of trailer trucks are very much different from the usual trailer trucks. One definite difference of a travel trailer is that they offer the luxury and amenities of home while you travel.

However, not all individuals can afford to own a travel trailer. A single unit of this trailer truck costs starts at around fifteen thousand. More luxurious and hi-end trailers cost a whole lot more. Nevertheless, the cost of a trailer truck is parallel to the feature and amenities it offers. Recent designs of travel trailers offers luxury home living in a very lightweight trailer. More space, more function and less weight is the trend today. If you want to own one of these travel trailers, you have to make a visit at Grand Junction trailer sales in Grand Junction, Colorado. Here, you will find the trailer truck of your dream at a very affordable price. Not only travel trailers, you can also shop for horse trailers, flatbed trailers and cargo trailers. There are also brand new and previously owned trailers that are for sale.

Many of the RV or trailer dealers in Grand Junction have been operating in this business for so many years, so they know the trailer business inside-out. Below are some examples of dealers that you can be confident to have business with:

  • The Scott Murdock Trailer Sales offers the best choices for any four-star trailers. Give them a call and ask for quotations. Not only does Scott Murdock Trailer Sales offer many choices, they also offer superb customer service from fabrication, installation and modification. They are very willing to sit down with you and talk about financing the sales.
  • The Centennial RV is a proud dealer of all kinds of travel trailer. The employees are willing to assist you from the main unit to simple accessories. If you own a trailer truck, this is a shop to go to because they offer accessories for upgrading your travel trailer. Give them a call in 970-245-8886.
  • The Rimrock Trade Center has been operating in this business for four decades and continues to give quality service to trailer truck owners. From main unit to hard-to-find parts, they have all the things that you want for a trailer truck.

Grand Junction Bike Shops – Adventure on Two Wheels!

One of the outdoor activities that is fun to do in Grand Junction, Colorado is biking. Grand Junction is a very nice town for biking; there are lots of beautiful scenery in Grand Junction in which you can enjoy by biking.

If you are new to biking, you will probably wonder about the things needed in this activity. You do not have to worry that much because there are lots of Grand Junction bike shops that you can ask help from. You can inquire about the basic things you will need in biking around Grand Junction. Now, if you do not know where to start your bike shopping, consider trying out these three bike shops Grand Junction, Co.

First is the Bike Shop located at 950 North Avenue corner 10th avenue, Grand Junction. This shop is known to offer quality service in terms of biking and the shop was even named as the outstanding GJ Parks and Recreation in 2010. This simply means that you will experience quality service from sales up to the after sales support and maintenance. Many locals in Grand Junction are impressed with the services offered by this shop. The Bike Shop has almost everything you need from bicycles and biking accessories. All of your inquiries, questions and concerns will be answered and taken cared of properly. The shop carries Raleigh, Niner, Diamondback, Cannodale, Serotta, Calfee and Eriksen. The shop’s mission is to offer you affordable, same day servicing and a very friendly customer service. If you are interested with the Bike Shop, contact them at 970-243-0807.

Next Grand Junction bike shop to try are the Bicycle Outfitters and the Brown Cycles. First, the Bicycle Outiftters has been servicing the Grand Junction community since 1993 and the store is nicely situated near the great biking spots in Grand Junction. This shop boasts employees that are very knowledgeable in the biking as a sports and recreational activity. The shop is located at 431 Colorado Avenue and they offer four different kinds of bikes such as the road bikes, ladies bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes. You will surely love the items and services that they have to offer. Give them a call through phone at 970-245-2699.

The Brown Cycles is one of the biggest bike shops in Grand Junction. This shop offers all kinds of bicycles, even bikes for people with special needs! You will surely love the selections they have inside their shops and you will definitely get the bicycle that will fit into your need. Call them at 970-245-7939.