Where to Locate Good Plumbers Grand Junction CO

You must never take a leaky pipe for granted. These little leaks will one day create a major pipe catastrophe which might result in a huge water bill. When this happens you must immediately call for the services of reliable plumbers Grand Junction CO.

Plumbers are highly skilled workers who are experts in all kinds of plumbing services. They are usually hired by contractors when building or remodeling new homes and offices. Some plumbers who have gained years of experience have put up their own companies and built a solid reputation for their excellent service. They are in charge of the ground work in the design and layout of water pipes. More often than not, they also render services related to plumbing such as the repair and maintenance of cooling and heating services.

For your plumbing needs, here is a short list of reliable plumbers Grand Junction CO:

Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Drains
Call (970)399-7063
Email: http://petersonphc.com/

Peterson has been in the plumbing service for over 30 years. They offer services for plumbing, cooling, heating and drains. They employ only the best professionals with the right skills to do the jobs you require. Their team passes through a rigid background screening and are very popular with their customers for their quick response to every call.

They will send their team to your house or office to do an assessment of the repairs and they can give you a quotation upfront. The company gives you a warranty on their workmanship and you can be assured that they are fully licensed and insured for every job they undertake.

To avail of their services you can book for an appointment.

Qualtire Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Call 970-434-4719

Qualtire Plumbing and Heating renders one of the best plumbing services in Grand Junction. They offer services for commercial and residential plumbing,cooling and heating remodeling and repair for all light industrial, residential and commercial needs.

The company is operated and owned by Daniel Qualtire, a master plumber with over 35 years of experience. The areas they serve are Grand Junction, Palisade, Clifton, Orchard Mesa, Fruita, Fruitvale, Mesa, Redlands, Whitewater, Loma and Mack.

Haining Plumbing & Heating
Call (907)243-1461
Drop By: 562 S Westgate Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81505

This family-owned business has been in service since March 1972. Since the comeback of radiant floor heating in 1980, Haining has made a name as experts in the quality maintenance and installation of radiant floor heaters. Today they offer a variety of services that includes designing and installation of cooling, heating and plumbing systems with other plumbing services and products.

Where to Get Ceiling Repairs Grand Junction

A broken ceiling can totally ruin the seamless appeal of your interiors. Not only does it look unsightly, it can pose a huge risk if you leave your ceilings unattended. One day your ceiling might just fall over your head and you will experience more stress with added repairs.

Unless you are an expert do-it-yourself guy, ceiling repairs can be quite difficult. Sometimes a crack in the ceiling will require more than just covering it up with paint, you might need to replace the ceiling all together.

Changing the ceiling also requires a lot of care and safety because it may lead to more maintenance issues. A cracked ceiling may be due to the expansion of the wood caused by weather changes or regular wear and tear. Ceilings with water stain marks may indicate that your roof needs replacing or repairs as well. Ceilings are made of various materials that may require a certain degree of expertise when installing or replacing them.

Changing a ceiling is not as easy as scrapping the paint off a wall. You have to be concerned about electrical wiring or pipe layouts that you might disrupt. There are also safety issues you have to deal with. The building you live in may not allow you to do ceiling repairs without the proper permits and licenses.

If this sounds too complicated then hire the services of a reliable company that does ceiling repairs Grand Junction. The companies listed on the yellow pages are highly skilled professionals who are experts in what they do. They specialize in the repair and maintenance of ceilings and some companies even do the walls. They are licensed and insured for the job.

You can call or book an appointment online and they will send a team of skilled workers to assess what needs to be done. They may give you an instant recommendation on what repairs you need, the job cost quotation and materials needed, and an estimate on how long the repairs will take. These workers can work around your schedule so they won’t create too much disruption in your everyday activities. These companies also give you the assistance in procuring the necessary safety and building requirements for the project.

Some of the companies you can call for ceiling repairs Grand Junction are listed below:

  • Triple-E Specialties, Inc.
    369 Bonny Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501-4751
    Call: +10970-243-0939
  • Joes’ Wallboard & Supply Company
    2757 Highway 50, Grand Junction, CO
    Call: (970) 241-4256
  • Alvin L Landis Contractors Inc.
    PO Box 4388
    Grand Junction, CO
    Call: (970) 245-3559
  • Patchman/Drywall Repair
    560 Teller Ave Apt B
    Grand Junction, CO
    Call: (970) 255-8307
  • Fantasy Drywall
    363 S Redlands Rd
    Grand Junction, CO
    Call: (970) 241-1086

How to Choose a Handyman Grand Junction CO

When things go wrong in the house, you have to find the right man to do the job. It could be as simple as changing a light bulb or as complicated as changing the entire layout of your bedroom. More often than not, it is time-consuming to do these tasks yourself. Even if you are an expert do-it-yourself guy, some issues cannot simply be repaired with the use of modern automated gadgets. That’s the time you realize that you need the efficiency of a handyman Grand Junction CO.

A handyman can perform typically all the repair jobs needed in a home or office. Their services include refashioning, major and minor electrical and plumbing repairs and maintenance, concrete services, grass maintenance and landscaping. The companies that offer services of a handyman Grand Junction CO hire professional or certified people with the expertise and skills in fixing your issues. Then they work around your schedule in dealing with your issues without disrupting your home or office operations.

People are normally too busy to have time to deal with repairs. If dealing with these repairs are prolonged too much, it will result in bigger issues. Hiring the services of a handyman is the perfect solution. You can contact them for a general assessment of the site and ask for a free quotation of the job that needs to be done. You can take some time to decide if the handyman service is fit for the job. Then you can discuss with the handyman on how they plan to work around your schedule for the repairs.

Additionally, expert handyman services may employ several professionals to work on specific jobs. For example, deciding to change the entire layout of your room will require the services of a carpenter, an electrician, and a painter. The carpenter can work on the additional cabinets or shelves you want to install or fix, the electrician can work on relocating or adding electrical outlets and lighting, while the painter does the finishing touches on your walls and ceilings. Hiring handyman services gives you the convenience of getting the right people to accomplish all these tasks and to finish them in the soonest time possible.

Another advantage of hiring handyman services to do the job is they know the right safety measures that is required of the project. There have been a lot of accidents from a simple task like drilling a hole in the wall. Hiring professional services of a handyman gives you peace of mind in avoiding all these accidents.

Services for handyman Grand Junction CO, can be easily be found in the yellow pages or on the internet. Here are a few reliable sources for these kinds of services.

Service Magic
Call (866) 393-2167

Service Magic gives a free matching service for home improvement professionals and homeowners. They have a team of repair specialists who they hire thru a 10 point screening process. They verify with general liability insurance, state level licensing, and conduct both civil and criminal background checks. You can hire them for contractual services on general and all types of repairs.

Ford Construction Company Inc.
Call (970)245-9343

This company has been in the handyman business since 1999. They have a team of over 125 years combined background and experience in commercial construction. They make their estimates with the use of a sophisticated construction software with their network computer system and uses their field experience in reinforcing it. They have expert project managers with the experience to manage the jobs done correctly and keep the project on schedule.

Roberts Maintenance Service
Call (970)434-1939

They challenge you to go ahead and break something! Their services are available all hours and all days of the week. They have been in the handyman business since 1992 and they take pride in providing you with your handyman needs and home improvement services. They have an expert staff who are skilled and knowledgeable in small and big repairs, adding home space or updating the locks of your bathroom or kitchen. Their handyman services also include the following: plumbing and heating, electrical repair and maintenance, swamp coolers, light carpentry, air conditioning and appliances services. Their company makes sure that the job is done right on the first time and at very affordable prices.