Where to Seek Marriage Counseling Grand Junction CO

One of the best advices ever given by a marriage counselor was this: “A marital problem is like an itch. You don’t cut off your arm when it itches. You find some medicine to treat the itch that way you can save the whole arm.”

Nobody said that marriage was a bed of roses. The real marriage starts after the fairy tale wedding is over and usually what comes next does not exactly end in “happily ever after”. All marriages go thru a lot of trials and sometimes professional help is needed to help the couple overcome all these obstacles.

Marriage counselors are highly trained professionals who specialize in fixing marital disorders. It is not a guarantee that after seeing a counselor that a marriage will be saved but seeing one will help resolve all the issues between a couple that they cannot workout on their own. A marriage counselor provides the neutral ground wherein couples are free to release their pent up emotions under the supervision of a professional. More often than not, a marriage counselor bridges the widening gap between couples by helping them communicate effectively with one another and by teaching some techniques on how to improve their relationship. To put it figuratively, a marriage counselor acts like a “referee” between two individuals at war.

There are many locations for marriage counseling Grand Junction CO. These counselors are either registered psychologists, a religious figure like a pastor, professional marriage therapist or licensed marriage counselors. They deal with all the issues related to marriage like relationships between couples, child rearing issues, sexual addictions, aging parents, eating disorders, affairs and infidelity, professional burnout and in health & wellness.

Marriage counseling is essential when you aim to save your marriage and restore the good relationships within your family. Seeking the professional help of these trained counselors brings healing and relief into your life.

Here are some locations you can go to for marriage counseling Grand Junction CO.

  • Behavioral Health and Wellness
    Address: 3150 North 12th, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970)242-5707
  • CEC Counseling Education Center
    Address: 2708 Patterson Road, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 243-9539
  • Associates in Behavioral LLC
    Address: 518 28 Rd@A207, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 245-3212
  • The Way Through Counseling Services
    Address: 2430 Orchard Avenue, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 243-9655
  • Clark Elizabeth LPC
    Address: 640 Grand Avenue, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 241-1780

The Best Wedding Locations Grand Junction Has to Offer

The area of Grand Junction is filled with a lot of beautiful natural scenery that is why finding a location for your wedding will not be limited within the city.

According to Grand Junction history, the most remarkable wedding vows were held in the National Park during the year 1911. It was the marriage ceremony of John Otto and Beatrice Farnham. John Otto was the first custodian and champion of the National Park. It was held at the Wedding Canyons of Colorado National Monument. It has a dramatic view of the canyon and several generations of couples were married there with the romantic backdrop of the Book Cliffs overlook.

There are several wedding locations Grand Junction offers aside from its fantastic outdoors. If you want to stick to the conventional, the area offers several churches for a traditional wedding ceremony and various other venues suitable for a wedding and the reception.

Colorado Wine Country Inn

777 Grande River Drive
Palisade, CO 81526
Call Julie Ann Adams at (970)464-5777 or (888)855-8330

Voted Top 5 for a Vineyard Wedding Site by the Perfect Outdoor Weddings.com in 2008, Wine Country Inn is the perfect venue for an unforgettable wedding in a spectacular vineyard setting. Among the vines is an open outdoor pavilion which is the perfect setting to exchange your vows. You can choose the well manicured courtyard or the elegant Vineyard Ballroom if that is your preference. The Inn also has small venues for intimate gatherings.

Their chef customizes the wedding reception menus to suit your type of reception – buffet dinner, formal plated dinners, hors d’ouvres and cocktails, champagne reception or the simple traditional cake. The Inn tailor fits their services and selections according to your preferences. The Catering department is always available for Bridesmaid brunches, rehearsal dinners, family and friends breakfast right after the big day. For the ladies, they have the Rose Room which offers an exclusive service.

Silver Raven Ranch

18261 Little Park Road
Grand Junction, CO 81523
Call Jackie Young at (970)255-1300

The 58 acres of Silver Raven Ranch offers a spectacular backdrop for a wedding, reception, a luxury vacation or any monumental event. It is located 12 miles away from Grand Junction downtown, adjoining the Colorado National Monument, where you can get breathtaking views of mesas, city lights and canyons.

The residence measures 4,400 square feet and is completely refurbished to provide guests in comfort. 20 feet palm trees decorate the huge atrium making it the perfect setting to watch the snow fall during winter. The outdoors offer perfectly landscaped lawns, gardens, patios and a huge outdoor kitchen. At your doorstep is where the hiking trail starts. Perfect for wedding locations Grand Junction!

Willow Pond Bed and Breakfast

662 26 Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Call Laurie Lester at (970)243-4958 or (877)243-4958

Willow Pond B&B offers eco-friendly farmhouse accomodations with views of the pasture, an ancient willow tree with a small pond. Built in 1916, it is located in Grand Junction, Colorado on the Western Slopes. Willow Pond is a favorite venue of the local artists and musicians alike, who showcase their talents. Available on display at the inn are locally made ceramics, paintings, handmade crafts, photography, music CDs and soaps. Willow Pond features gourmet cooking classes, in house music concerts and vacation packages every month.

Planning Weddings Grand Junction Style

Everywhere you go weddings are a spectacular event. It is a gathering of family and friends who will witness the union of two individuals. For some, weddings are an opportunity to feast on good wine and food while others take this as a time to show off their finest apparel. Whichever way you look at it, weddings are definitely big celebrations!

But like all celebrations, it comes with preparations. Planning weddings Grand Junction style are given much importance because the community gives a high value to this wonderful occasion. The families here have close ties and they see to it that the union is a lovely event. Weddings are like planned like a huge production number, so if that is not your line of expertise, it would be better to hire the services of wedding planners.

By browsing thru popular websites like PartyPop.com and WeddingWire.com , you will be able to find Wedding planners who organize weddings Grand Junction.

Elite Events

Elite Events is a full service company that is engaged in events and party rentals. The company principal, Gina Bishop has over 17 years of experience in the industry of full service decorating and in floral design. They offer the best and latest equipment in the rental market like their triangle and hexagon marquee tents.

Their product line includes tents, tents accessories, dance floors, audio visual equipment, tables in all sizes, linens, china, glassware, novelty items and fountains, chairs, custom décor, beverage and food items, and other disposable items.

Their company can help you organize any size of event, at any occasion and location. They can find you the right resources for the perfect event and wedding consultant, florist, caterer, decorator, photographer, and other party professionals in the event industry.

You can contact Elite Events through their phone numbers (970)245-1303 or (970)270-7881.

Classic Creations Weddings and Special Events

This award winning wedding design and planning firm has been in the industry since 1993. They organize various types of weddings, from the traditional to the unconventional, like destination, civil, double weddings, eco-friendly or green weddings, ceremonies and LGBT weddings. The company also organizes cultural events in the Caribbean and Pacific Island.

They offer various wedding planning services like day-of coordinator, partial planning and full planning. They can even provide a personal chef for the event and also service on and off site locations. Your first appointment with them is free of charge so you can immediately start on your wedding arrangements. They accept cash, MasterCard, Visa and Paypal as form of payment.

You can schedule an appointment by calling (303)471-0082

Seating Arrangement.com

The company has been in the business of planning weddings and events for over 30 years. In the past 20 years they have incorporated computer software design into their system and released Seating Arrangement 5.0. This new software is your a new and important tool when planning for your party or any special event.

Seating Arrangement relieves you of all the stress in planning your wedding and other social events. The software is can be used by the brides-to-be or by professional wedding coordinators. All you need to do is type the necessary information into the software and your corporate event or wedding is virtually planned.

The Seating Arrangement services all parts of the country and can be reached thru their phone at (877)996-6600.

Zentco Productions

What’s a wedding without some dancing? Zentco Productions provides the musical entertainment that culminates your event making it truly enjoyable for you and your guests. They initially started as a Mobile DJ service but with over 30 years of experience they eventually honed their skills into an Event Production company.

They’ve produced typically all kinds of events, from the elaborately designed Vegas style shows to the romantic mountain and seaside weddings. Never will you find a more experienced and professional company like this in America.

They are based in Grand Junction but services areas like Aspen, Moab, Crested Butte, Steamboat Springs, Glenwood Springs, Telluride, Grand Junction and Vail.

They have their own unique venue for the setting of lavish outdoor events. But with the creation of smaller and portable lights and sound equipment, they can take their services to any location around the world.

Zentco Productions is a member of the American DJ Association. They can be reached at phone numbers (970)245-6771 or (800)748-0905 or fax (970)241-1041

The Best Wedding Venues in Grand Junction CO

A wedding is a very special occasion for two people who are in-love and have decided to live as one. In any religion, a wedding is a sacred rite that binds two people together with a promise to live together. In any wedding, two individuals who are in love shares vows to love one another in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. On top of that, a wedding is a memorable occasion in couple’s life and so it is natural that couples are willing to give all they’ve got for a simple yet glamourous wedding.

Planning starts at least two months before the wedding. Sometimes, the longer the preparation time, the better the result. Included in the planning are the church details, guests, brides-maid, best-man, sponsors, give aways, wedding cake, bride and groom’s dress and wedding venues. Some plan the details very carefully. Finding the right wedding venue is a critical part of wedding planning because this is the place where people will gather to celebrate the couple’s blessed union. After the wedding ceremony in the church, people will proceed to the chosen wedding venue to take part in a simple yet memorable celebration.

A wedding venue should not be very expensive. You can find affordable wedding venues in Grand Junction CO that are inexpensive but offers a glamorous and exquisite ambience to the newlyweds and their guests. Take into account the place if they can accommodate your anticipated number of guests. Consider also if the venue offers food and drinks. Check if you can bring your own food for a small fee. Most of the time, wedding venues offer catering services as well. However, you can save a lot if you can bring your own food and pay for the corkage fee. Remember to read terms and agreement about venue and facilities use before agreeing to the venue.

If you want some cultural and historic background for your wedding background, try Cherokee Ranch and Castle. Experience western culture and heritage in this wonderful venue for your wedding. This would make it a truly once in a lifetime experience.

If you want wonderful background scenes in your venue and you want to be close to nature, try the Devil’s Thumb Ranch and experience what the local say about Colorado’s get-away

Wedding venues in Grand Junction CO will give you a once in a lifetime experience that will last forever in the memory of every one of your guests.

Best Bridal Gowns at Abracadabra Grand Junction Wedding Shop

One of the special days of a woman’s life includes her wedding day. If you happen to be planning for this special occasion, you should be able to look for the perfect wedding dress for you. Of course, you would want a dress that would totally look good on you. Imagine yourself walking down the aisle, wearing the most beautiful and most elegant wedding dress. The scene would make a perfect wedding march right? If you want to search for the perfect bridal dress, search in Abracadabra Grand Junction Store. This bridal gown store will be able to give you a lot of options for a perfect wedding dress.

At this Grand Junction bridal store, you will be able to get access to many wedding gowns and even the set gowns for your bridesmaids and tuxedos for the men in your entourage. More than that, they will also be able to give you huge discounts if you avail of their wedding dress set packages. For example, if you are going to get the dresses of your bridesmaids from the store, you will be able to have huge discounts even amounting to one dress. In addition to this, if you get a wedding dress from the Abracadabra Grand Junction bridal shop which amounts to $1,000, you will be able to get a bridal gown bag for free. This is truly a great deal for anybody who is planning to get the perfect dress for the perfect day.

Aside from these, the customer service of this shop at Grand Junction will truly blow you away. From the selection of the gowns to their delivery to your home, the staff will truly help you every step of the way. If the gown you selected does not fit you well, you can have them adjusted for another size. Although you have to pay $20 for the size charge if you get a size 24, you will surely get your money’s worth. Every design is given so much attention and passion so every woman who wears their designs would feel like a princess or a queen on her special day. This shop in Grand Junction Colorado will truly be able to cater to all your wedding dress needs. With the Abracadabra Grand Junction Bridal Shop, you will be able to get the perfect wedding dress, the best choice of dresses for your bridesmaids and the best tuxedos for the gents in your entourage!