Where to Seek Marriage Counseling Grand Junction CO

One of the best advices ever given by a marriage counselor was this: “A marital problem is like an itch. You don’t cut off your arm when it itches. You find some medicine to treat the itch that way you can save the whole arm.”

Nobody said that marriage was a bed of roses. The real marriage starts after the fairy tale wedding is over and usually what comes next does not exactly end in “happily ever after”. All marriages go thru a lot of trials and sometimes professional help is needed to help the couple overcome all these obstacles.

Marriage counselors are highly trained professionals who specialize in fixing marital disorders. It is not a guarantee that after seeing a counselor that a marriage will be saved but seeing one will help resolve all the issues between a couple that they cannot workout on their own. A marriage counselor provides the neutral ground wherein couples are free to release their pent up emotions under the supervision of a professional. More often than not, a marriage counselor bridges the widening gap between couples by helping them communicate effectively with one another and by teaching some techniques on how to improve their relationship. To put it figuratively, a marriage counselor acts like a “referee” between two individuals at war.

There are many locations for marriage counseling Grand Junction CO. These counselors are either registered psychologists, a religious figure like a pastor, professional marriage therapist or licensed marriage counselors. They deal with all the issues related to marriage like relationships between couples, child rearing issues, sexual addictions, aging parents, eating disorders, affairs and infidelity, professional burnout and in health & wellness.

Marriage counseling is essential when you aim to save your marriage and restore the good relationships within your family. Seeking the professional help of these trained counselors brings healing and relief into your life.

Here are some locations you can go to for marriage counseling Grand Junction CO.

  • Behavioral Health and Wellness
    Address: 3150 North 12th, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970)242-5707
  • CEC Counseling Education Center
    Address: 2708 Patterson Road, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 243-9539
  • Associates in Behavioral LLC
    Address: 518 28 Rd@A207, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 245-3212
  • The Way Through Counseling Services
    Address: 2430 Orchard Avenue, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 243-9655
  • Clark Elizabeth LPC
    Address: 640 Grand Avenue, Grand Junction, CO
    Phone: (970) 241-1780

Do You Need Property Management in Grand Junction CO?

Investing your money in Grand Junction properties can be a very lucrative and worthy long-term investment. The location is one of the best places to move into with the value of its real estate properties constantly on the rise. You can be assured that the property you buy today will be worth much more than it is today. Whether you have bought one or more properties for the purpose of making a business out of it, you may want to consider hiring a company to do your property management in Grand Junction CO.

Property managers provide the professional real estate services you need to relieve you of the stress due to management problems. These professionals commit themselves to efficiently managing your property so that you can maximize the benefits of your assets.

Owning property should be pleasurable and not painful. If you don’t know how to single handedly manage your property then a property manager is what you need. The property manager makes sure that your property is well maintained at the most minimal of costs and leases it out at reasonable market rates while they carefully screen and select your tenants.

Property managers are usually contracted to manage a single property or multiple assets of an owner. They also work with a corporation or a business professional who owns one or more properties. Regardless of the number, property managers give each property the individual care that it deserves.

If you are still deciding whether to hire a property manager or not, here are some things that you should know. Hire only licensed and full time property managers. It is against the law to pay the services of a non-licensed manager. A part-time manager cannot be effective in providing you the best management services because they won’t be able to focus on the job required.

Once you have decided that you need the services of property managers to oversee your assets, below is a list of reputable companies for property management in Grand Junction CO to choose from.

Address: 2497 Power Rd #2, Grand Junction, CO 81507
Phone: (970)241-4130

Address: 120 W Park Drive, Suite 201, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 683-2595
Fax: (866) 452-2585

Address: 420 N 8th , Grand Junction, CO 81501

Address: Ste 2, 2002 I-70 Business Loop, Grand Junction, CO 81504-4435
Phone: +1 970-243-3186

Address: 2680 B ½ Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 241-1607

The Services of Marsh Trucking Grand Junction CO

Marsh Trucking Grand Junction CO is the expert in hauling frac water, produced water, drilling materials and drilling fluids. Their company takes pride in providing an environment friendly, safe and clean handling of all solid and liquid waste. Marsh Trucking continues to strive in identifying more cost efficient and safer ways in operating that allows them to pass savings to their customers Their company has both the commitment and resources to meet their agreed schedules with their customers even under the harshest of weather conditions.

Marsh Trucking delivers high quality truck services. They are not just a typical water hauling company. The company has implemented efficient ways for invoicing accountability which ultimately helps their customers cut their trucking costs. Their company is the first to offer pricing in fixed rates or variable rates for the Piance basin.

In water hauling, using fixed price pricing or per bbl pricing, Marsh Trucking assumes the time risk management in hauling water. This scheme allow customers to have control of water hauling costs and maintenance of their water hauling budget for every disposal or frac trip. Along with this, Marsh Trucking assumes the responsibility for maintaining quality, adherence to budget costs and performance on time. This unique approach allows clients to have an open book and itemized accounting under a negotiated fee before hauling any water. Marsh Trucking provides further accountability by weighing each load of water before going to the disposal. Then weighing it gain before it is dumped into the disposal. To give their customers an accurate BBL count, Marsh makes a total weight of water dumped at the disposal. The customer gets an accurate accounting in the transportation and disposal fee.

In “by the hour” water hauling, Marsh provides their customers with accountability using the GPS system or @ROADS. Using the device, the customer is provided with accurate details of the dispatch and management of truck by truck tracking. With the GPS device, they can locate where the truck is, what it is doing, the stops the truck made and its average speed in the past 12 hours. The trucks have a GPS digital communication display allowing free flow of communication between drivers and dispatchers or managers.

In providing a location supervisor, Marsh Trucking can ensure customers that water hauling can be managed with spills and errors being prevented. They can guarantee that drivers follow strict protocols in reducing spills and are accountable when an accident or spill occurs. The company also uses digital flow meter or tank strap gauges if requested by customers.

You can contract the services of Marsh Trucking Grand Junction Co by calling Shawn Marsh, their Vice President thru his phone number 970-609-1941, or cell at 970-261-5571 or send hims a fax at 970-609-1940. Their main office is at 1111 S. Anyroad, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

All About Brakes Plus Grand Junction CO

Driving your car with faulty brakes often leads to a disaster. You can play it safe and give your car a regular maintenance check, not only with the brakes but with the rest of the car as well. You need the services of the most reliable auto service shop in the Colorado region and that is Brakes Plus!

About Brakes Plus

Brakes Plus Grand Junction CO is a family owned auto service business that has been serving the Grand Junction area since it was founded in 1990. It is owned and operated by the Pisciotta family, headed by its founder and chairman, Larry F. Pisciotta. The company’s team of executives is comprised of the overall president Dean P. Pisciotta, the Vice President of Operations RJ Pisciotta, Vice President for Stores Mark Pisciotta and the Vice President for Sales is Dave Myers.

The company has been in operations for over 40 years and currently has 59 various locations with complete state-of-the art auto services. With two of their most valuable assets, their employees and customers, the company continues to strive to fulfill their mission of providing their customers with the quality auto parts and their world class service all at a very reasonable price. They aim to give all their customers a very positive experience with every visit to Brakes Plus.

Their main office is located at Brakes Plus Corporate, 6911 S. Yosemite St. Centennial, CO 801125. You can call their office at 303-221-8600 or fax them at 303-221-8700.

In Grand Junction, Brakes Plus is located at Hwy 6 & 50, right across Walmart. Or at 519 Ligrani Lane, Grand Junction, CO 81505, with phone number 970-241-9600.

Their Services

Brakes Plus Grand Junction CO gives their customers the experience and the security of a neighborhood style garage. Their technicians and managers put their best effort in maintaining good customer care and relationships. They are in the business of building relationships not just with their customers but with their employees and vendors as well.

Brakes Plus specializes in brakes, offering value-added services like alignments, air/cabin/fuel filters, air conditioning, battery / batteries services, clutches, belts/hoses, coolant exchange, diagnostics, CV boots or axles, differential services, exhaust, engine repair, tune-ups, timing belts, fuel injection, lube, oil, filter, headlamps/bulbs, mileage maintenance packages, radiators/water pumps, power steering flush, shocks or struts, steering or suspension, starters or alternators, transmission services, wiper blades and transfer cases.

You can wait for a free estimate on the job repairs that need to be done so you can assess the cost and compare prices. Their service is quick and precise and they provide clean and modern facilities where you can wait.

Make sure you avail of their coupons! You can access them online on their website so you can get great discounts on their services.

Where to Find a Great Toyota Dealer Grand Junction CO

Finding a reliable Toyota Dealer Grand Junction CO can be a tedious process. There are several car dealers in the area and the car brand itself has many models. You may have a particular Toyota model in mind but don’t know where to begin to look for it.

The internet has several websites that you can utilize to make a quick search for a great Toyota Dealer Grand Junction CO. You can type in the search box the Toyota model you want and it will give you the location of the dealer nearest your location. You can then call the dealer for a test drive and while you’re there you can ask for their financing options.


Edmunds Inc. publishes and owns 3 useful websites that educate, empower and educate their automotive customers and car enthusiasts. Edmunds.com was launched in 1995 and is the very first website for automotive information. In 2005, Inside Line was launched and is now one of the most visited automotive websites. In year 2007, AutoObserver.com was launched and it provides visitors with informative insights on the automotive industry complete with analysis and commentaries.

On Edmunds.com you will find valuable information on where to find car dealers selling new and pre-owned cars, including car reviews, car maintenance tips and advices and various forums.


This is the website where you should begin your car search. The site was launched in 1996 and has since then been the most visited portal for buyers and automotive consumer information. It has helped over 50 million consumers locate and price new and old cars, acquire insurance and financing options that has resulted in millions in vehicle sales. Automotive.com has united local car dealers with new car buyers, large dealer groups and direct manufacturers. It has improved the way consumers find information, locate and buy the new and pre-used vehicles that they want.

The site also provides employment opportunities in the automotive industry, a link for customer feedback and a FAQ link for common inquiries.


This is Grand Junction’s premier local business directory. You can typically find everything you want in this website. You can type in the Toyota car you want in the “Find” box and type in your location at the “Near” box. The site will give you listings of car dealers who are nearest your location.

It also give you the recent news and deals for the day, sports updates, money making schemes, tips in style and travel, news bits about mom weather, food and home.

The site services areas like Ahwatukee, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Pinal, and SW valley.

Why TDS Grand Junction CO is a Market Leader

Changing a flat tire may be an easy task for a man but a challenging one for women. If something that seems so simple could be so complicated, what more if you had to change the tie-rod or had to align the wheels of your car? Not everyone is an expert in these kinds of jobs that is why you would need the expert services of TDS Grand Junction CO.

Tire Distribution Systems, Inc. or TDS is a full service tire company and subsidiary wholly owned by Bandag. TDS Grand Junction CO used to be known as Gay Johnson Tire Co., Inc. and was a distributor of off-road passenger wheels. This is a company with a mission of becoming the market leader in all the market segments that they serve by offering several unique and outstanding products and services to their customers. As a market leader, the company is dedicated to constantly improving their services and product quality to attain their customer’s ultimate satisfaction. By continuously improving their production system and the delivery of their products and services, the company also continuously improves on quality and reduce their costs. This will ultimately enhance the company’s competitive edge which will result in long-term outstanding profitability and growth.

The company believes that the key to achieving this mission successfully is through the united effort of all their highly motivated people who are dedicated with positive attitudes. It is a leader’s responsibility to make sure that the system of the company allows its people to achieve high quality, be proud of their work, obtain career opportunities and enhance their personal growth.

TDS is engaged in the retail sale of wheels and tires as well as the service and repair of tires. They sell and distribute tire brands like Bridgestone, Dayton, Firestone, Fuzion, Continental, Coopertires, Yokohama and Hankook. The services they offer are: changing new tires, fleet inspections, bandag retreads, 24hr road service, tire foam fill, wheel balancing and alignment, tire disposal, scrap tire analysis and wheel refurbishing. TDS also has a commercial service center where they offer complete mechanical repair.

TDS Grand Junction CO is located at 794 22 Rd, Grand Junction CO 81505. Call toll free at (800) 395-0130 or through their local number (970) 245-9500. You can fax them through (070) 245-9503. They accept credit cards, like from American Express, MasterCard and Discover, as payment options.

How to Earn More Storage Sales Grand Junction CO

The Storage and Moving business can be a lucrative venture. These services are highly sought after. Every day there are people relocating to other places and usually they would need the services of a moving and storage company to help them with the task. People are willing to pay for this service just to be relieved from all that stress in moving their items to a new location.

To make more storage sales Grand Junction CO, you must be able to address all your customers needs when it comes to moving. There are few full service companies that offer moving services alongside with their storage rentals. Providing the necessary packaging materials, the staff that can do the packaging services for them, and the expert assistance in moving the items from point of origin to the point of destination are services your customers are highly in need of. Having your own moving vehicles and storage facilities is another plus factor that will attract more customers if you want to have more storage sales Grand Junction CO.

The storage and moving business is a very competitive industry so you have to offer a lot of reasonably priced packages for your services. You must be easily accessible by your customers once they do an online search so it is best to affiliate your business with online yellow pages or a site that specializes in storage and moving services.

Bailey’s Moving and Storage

Call (877)218-1496

Since 1952 Bailey’s has been highly acclaimed for their all-in-one services, providing their commercial and residential customers with complete relocation solutions at very competitive prices. They specialize in customized commercial, corporate/employee and household relocation. Their services include packing, re-installation and disassembly of furniture and equipment.

Bailey’s offers short-term and long term storage services. Their facilities are located across Utah and Colorado including Salt Lake City, Denver, Colorado Springs, Orem/Provo and Grand Junction.

As an agent of allied Van Lines, Bailey’s uses their extensive network of nationwide agents this makes them equipped for moving internationally, upstate, downtown or cross county


Call 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285)
2949 E n Ave (@29 ½ Rd) Grand Junction, CO 81504

Uhaul offers 24 hour moving & storage services and access to their storage facilities. Highly popular for providing with a wide selection of storage solutions, they also offer customers various packing supplies and boxes at very affordable prices. If these items were purchased online, Uhaul buys back all the unused supplies.

Uhaul also provides trucks, cargo, and utility trailer services which you can rent by filling up an online application form for the pick-up date, location and drop-off location.


Call (Toll-Free): 888-678-6730
Call (Direct): 985-231-0412
111 N. Causeway Blvd
Mandeville LA, 70448

Upickstorage.com aims to connect storage facility owners with their customers by creating a website that serves as a one-stop shop for storage unit services. The site is unique because of its two main features. A customer can search for moving and storage facilities by indicating their price budget and the site automatically searches for these services for them. Another option would be to enter the customer’s zip code and the website will allow them to browse thru self-storage listings. The website does not ask for any set-up, monthly or membership fees but earns every time the customer subscribes to the services found in their listings.

Where to Locate Good Plumbers Grand Junction CO

You must never take a leaky pipe for granted. These little leaks will one day create a major pipe catastrophe which might result in a huge water bill. When this happens you must immediately call for the services of reliable plumbers Grand Junction CO.

Plumbers are highly skilled workers who are experts in all kinds of plumbing services. They are usually hired by contractors when building or remodeling new homes and offices. Some plumbers who have gained years of experience have put up their own companies and built a solid reputation for their excellent service. They are in charge of the ground work in the design and layout of water pipes. More often than not, they also render services related to plumbing such as the repair and maintenance of cooling and heating services.

For your plumbing needs, here is a short list of reliable plumbers Grand Junction CO:

Peterson Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Drains
Call (970)399-7063
Email: http://petersonphc.com/

Peterson has been in the plumbing service for over 30 years. They offer services for plumbing, cooling, heating and drains. They employ only the best professionals with the right skills to do the jobs you require. Their team passes through a rigid background screening and are very popular with their customers for their quick response to every call.

They will send their team to your house or office to do an assessment of the repairs and they can give you a quotation upfront. The company gives you a warranty on their workmanship and you can be assured that they are fully licensed and insured for every job they undertake.

To avail of their services you can book for an appointment.

Qualtire Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
Call 970-434-4719

Qualtire Plumbing and Heating renders one of the best plumbing services in Grand Junction. They offer services for commercial and residential plumbing,cooling and heating remodeling and repair for all light industrial, residential and commercial needs.

The company is operated and owned by Daniel Qualtire, a master plumber with over 35 years of experience. The areas they serve are Grand Junction, Palisade, Clifton, Orchard Mesa, Fruita, Fruitvale, Mesa, Redlands, Whitewater, Loma and Mack.

Haining Plumbing & Heating
Call (907)243-1461
Drop By: 562 S Westgate Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81505

This family-owned business has been in service since March 1972. Since the comeback of radiant floor heating in 1980, Haining has made a name as experts in the quality maintenance and installation of radiant floor heaters. Today they offer a variety of services that includes designing and installation of cooling, heating and plumbing systems with other plumbing services and products.

How to Choose a Handyman Grand Junction CO

When things go wrong in the house, you have to find the right man to do the job. It could be as simple as changing a light bulb or as complicated as changing the entire layout of your bedroom. More often than not, it is time-consuming to do these tasks yourself. Even if you are an expert do-it-yourself guy, some issues cannot simply be repaired with the use of modern automated gadgets. That’s the time you realize that you need the efficiency of a handyman Grand Junction CO.

A handyman can perform typically all the repair jobs needed in a home or office. Their services include refashioning, major and minor electrical and plumbing repairs and maintenance, concrete services, grass maintenance and landscaping. The companies that offer services of a handyman Grand Junction CO hire professional or certified people with the expertise and skills in fixing your issues. Then they work around your schedule in dealing with your issues without disrupting your home or office operations.

People are normally too busy to have time to deal with repairs. If dealing with these repairs are prolonged too much, it will result in bigger issues. Hiring the services of a handyman is the perfect solution. You can contact them for a general assessment of the site and ask for a free quotation of the job that needs to be done. You can take some time to decide if the handyman service is fit for the job. Then you can discuss with the handyman on how they plan to work around your schedule for the repairs.

Additionally, expert handyman services may employ several professionals to work on specific jobs. For example, deciding to change the entire layout of your room will require the services of a carpenter, an electrician, and a painter. The carpenter can work on the additional cabinets or shelves you want to install or fix, the electrician can work on relocating or adding electrical outlets and lighting, while the painter does the finishing touches on your walls and ceilings. Hiring handyman services gives you the convenience of getting the right people to accomplish all these tasks and to finish them in the soonest time possible.

Another advantage of hiring handyman services to do the job is they know the right safety measures that is required of the project. There have been a lot of accidents from a simple task like drilling a hole in the wall. Hiring professional services of a handyman gives you peace of mind in avoiding all these accidents.

Services for handyman Grand Junction CO, can be easily be found in the yellow pages or on the internet. Here are a few reliable sources for these kinds of services.

Service Magic
Call (866) 393-2167

Service Magic gives a free matching service for home improvement professionals and homeowners. They have a team of repair specialists who they hire thru a 10 point screening process. They verify with general liability insurance, state level licensing, and conduct both civil and criminal background checks. You can hire them for contractual services on general and all types of repairs.

Ford Construction Company Inc.
Call (970)245-9343

This company has been in the handyman business since 1999. They have a team of over 125 years combined background and experience in commercial construction. They make their estimates with the use of a sophisticated construction software with their network computer system and uses their field experience in reinforcing it. They have expert project managers with the experience to manage the jobs done correctly and keep the project on schedule.

Roberts Maintenance Service
Call (970)434-1939

They challenge you to go ahead and break something! Their services are available all hours and all days of the week. They have been in the handyman business since 1992 and they take pride in providing you with your handyman needs and home improvement services. They have an expert staff who are skilled and knowledgeable in small and big repairs, adding home space or updating the locks of your bathroom or kitchen. Their handyman services also include the following: plumbing and heating, electrical repair and maintenance, swamp coolers, light carpentry, air conditioning and appliances services. Their company makes sure that the job is done right on the first time and at very affordable prices.

How to Choose Eye Doctors in Grand Junction CO

There are several kinds of eye doctors in Grand Junction CO. There are optometrists and ophthalmologists as well as opticians that play a big role in maintaining and providing exceptional vision care in this city.

There are 4 basic things to consider when choosing eye doctors in Grand Junction CO for your treatment. Look into their qualifications including the degrees and licenses they hold. Check if the services they offer includes the service that you need. The doctor must have ample professional experience to render the service and by doing due diligence, you may able to find former patients who can give an accurate feedback on the doctor.

With these in mind and having all the information you need, it is easier to choose the right eye doctor for the eye care that you require.

Some Opticians in Grand Junction:

  • Valley Vision Center

    Valley Vision Center is operated by Dr. Bethka and Dr. McKenzie with their staff. They provide complete eye examination, contact lenses and eyeglasses for the Grand Junction community. They are committed to serving their patients with top quality vision care using the most modern testing equipment and excellent quality frames, contact lenses and lenses.

    They are located at 950 North Avenue, Suite 106, Grand Junction, CO 81501 with phone number (970)245-7850 , fax (970)242-0281.

  • Western Rockies Eye Center PC

    Western Rockies is headed by Michael E. Luby OD. The operating hours are from 9am to 5pm during Mondays, Teusdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. His center is located at 1000 Wellington Ave #B, Grand Junction, CO 81501-8180. Phone number (970)245-1514.

Some Optometrists in Grand Junction:

  • Ashley R. Ford, OD

    Dr. Ford is a native resident of Grand Junction takes pride and satisfaction in delivering personalized and highly advanced technological vision care to her patients from all walks of life. She has been practicing since 2011 using experience and compassion in delivery of vision care. She is focused on working with her patient, creating a friendly and warm environment while educating her patients on their options for visual treatment and correction.

    Her clinic is available 24 hours every day and you can call thru (970)242-8727.

  • Marillac Clinic

    The Sister of Charity of Leavenworth Health Systems sponsored Marillac when it was founded by its group of community leaders and dedicated medical professionals in 1998. The clinic has evolved thru the years into a diverse and strong organization serving thousands of Mesa County residents each year.

    The community clinic offers various healthcare services that include optical, dental, medical, medications, integrated mental health care and the MAP program. Although not a free clinic, Marillac makes their services affordable to the low and medium income, under-insured and uninsured families and individuals by just accepting payments of a portion of the cost of care thru a sliding scale free structure.

    The clinic is located at 2333 N 6th Street, Grand Junction CO, 81502 phone number (970)298-1782.

  • Orchard Eye Center

    Orchard Eye Center works directly with their comprehensive Ophthalmologists and board certified eye surgeons committed to offering their patients with modern and tested vision care technologies, procedures and total vision care.

    Dr. Geske, works with his highly qualified colleagues in the field to ensure patients receive exceptional eye care regardless if its cataract, refractive or general eye disorders. Providing patient-centered eye care and convenience is part of their long standing philosophy.

    Their center is located at 2403 North 12th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, phone number (970)243-8697.