Services of Icon Lasik Grand Junction

In January 2010, Icon Lasik has established their first location in western Colorado. Since then the center has been providing the residents of western Colorado with the same technology and experience at very affordable prices. These are the same benefits that Icon Lasik Grand Junction customers are expecting from their Loveland and Denver locations.

Dr. Travis Anderson, O.D. , a noted Icon Lasik optometrist states that their staff is looking forward to offering the premium eye care services and vision correction procedures to the Grand Junction community. Their new location at Grand Junction features the same innovative Lasik equipment and technology being used in their Loveland and Denver eye care centers. The Icon clinic’s address at Grand Junction is 120 West Part Drive, Unit 108 Grand Junction, Colorado 81505.

The state-of-the-art LASIK technology offered by Icon includes eye tracker NIDEK EC-5000, the Wavefront Laser VISX Star4, the blade less Intralase Lasik system (which is the most recent in retinal mapping technology) and the Visian ICL. All of these equipment contributes to the world class eye surgery and Lasik technology of Icon. As a Intralase trademark, Icon Lasik is also a registered trademark of the Intralase Corp. NIDEK is the trademark of the NIDEK inc. While Star4 and VISX are the trademarks of VISX Inc.

Visian ICL is a certified procedure made accessible to fit all prescriptions and a vast range of candidates for vision correction – from people who are nearsighted to those who are farsighted (without astigmatism), including those with severe to mild myopia. Icon Lasik Grand Junction provides solutions for people to have clearer visions so they can see better and enjoy their experience throughout and beyond Colorado, Utah.

Over 100,000 PRK and Lasik procedures have been performed by Icon Lasik in Colorado. The treatments cost as low as $499 for each eye and financing is available for Lasik at zero percent interest with no down payments and no installments for the next 12 months. More customers are able to enjoy the Lasik technology because of its affordability.

Icon Lasik has 20 years of refractive and general eye experience. Each clinic features the most modern custom laser technology which Icon Lasik uses in providing their patients with the most convenient, safest and affordable surgery in America. The doctor must talk about the benefits and risks of a Lasik procedure with the patient during the free consultation. The optometry and medical services are performed by the independent physicians and optometrists. For any inquiries or to schedule the free consultation for LASIK you can contact the Icon LASIK President, Dr. Richard Anderson, OD. His clinic is at 3900 East Mexico, Suite 102 Denver, CO 80210. Phone 720.524.1001 or fax at 720.524.1121.